Type Of Boyfriend You Should Not Marry, According To Your Zodiac Sign

Knowing a little about your sign can help you look for someone who really suits you, rather than someone who seems like a good idea, but won’t.

The over-thinkers among us have all done it before: pictured walking down the aisle with a guy we’ve just started dating. And the longer you actually stay with someone, the more likely you are to start thinking seriously about marriage, but sometimes, marriage isn’t always the way long-term relationships end up. Even when you think you’ve found a catch, you might find that however great that person is, you won’t find a happily ever after with them.

This is always painful and shocking to discover, especially if you did picture yourself walking down the aisle and ending up with a certain person for good. Nothing will make it easy or painless, but the more you understand what kind of spouse you’re looking for, the less likely you are to waste time with people that just aren’t suited for you.

Our zodiac signs have something to do with whom we’re compatible with, and the kind of person we’re best suited to end up with, whether that includes marriage or not. There are always exceptions to the rule, of course, but knowing a little about your sign can help you look for someone who really suits you, rather than someone who seems like a good idea, but won’t make you happy.

Read on to find out what sort of boyfriend you aren’t totally suited to marry, according to your sign.

15. Aries Should Steer Clear Of Marrying Men Who Have Tempers As Fiery As Hers

When you have a short temper, the last thing you want to do is tie yourself to someone who has one too. Sure, they might understand you more when you do flip out on them, but there would just be too many explosions to make a happy home—it’d be a bit like a single mine setting off every other one in a minefield.

For this reason, Aries should think twice about settling down with someone who has a fiery temper like hers. Of course, it can work if this is who you’ve fallen in love with, but this constant head-butting could pose huge problems for a marriage or long-term relationship. There would just be no peace, which would lead to resentment and unhappiness. Fire needs to be fought with water, not more fire.

14. A Drama King Is The Last Person Taurus Needs To End Up With

Some people are natural drama kings or queens, and there’s nothing they can do about it. There are those out there who are genuinely attracted to this and could even use a little extra drama in their lives. Taurus, however, is not one of those people.

Taurus is at her most calm when everything is going according to plan and there are no unnecessary complications. A drama king—someone who likes to make things a bigger deal than they are, emphasize every negative detail and prolong issues so they don’t get resolved—will probably cut a lot of years off the life of Taurus in the long run. She just wants to be carefree and happy, and constantly being pulled in to other people’s BS stresses her out too much to be worth it.

13. Marriage Probably Wouldn’t Last Between Chatty Gemini And The Quiet Guy Next Door

Problems can arise when you settle down with someone who’s your exact twin in every way; when people are too similar, they tend to get into conflict a lot. But at the same time, people can also be too different to be compatible. With a strong sign like Gemini, that’s definitely the case.

Gemini loves to talk more than anything and is a textbook example of an extrovert. She will get to know anyone and feels frustrated, lonely and bored when she goes too long without interacting with new people. So you can see why she probably won’t find happiness with someone who coils up at the thought of talking to lots of people! Gemini is much better suited to someone who can nurture her need to be the center of the action.

12. Cancer Shouldn’t Marry The Man Who’s Obsessed With His Career

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There are few people who can stand to be married to a workaholic. With her sensitive feelings, hunger for emotional connection and focus on family life, a Cancer girl is one such sign who should avoid getting too serious to someone who’s career-obsessed.

You get a lot of good things in return when you shack up with a Cancer—this sign is the most nurturing in the zodiac and will rush to look after anyone. She is overly concerned with how other people feel, and while she may appear cold at first, she’s actually warm and loving in her center. But one way to ignite her wrath is to be insensitive, distant or distracted from her. Someone who’s concerned with their job over their family or is too busy to sit down and ask about their partner’s day is not a good choice for Cancer.

11. There Would Be A Lot Of Crazy Fights In A Marriage Between Leo And An Alpha Male

The alpha male always has to wear pants. He’s the kind of guy that loves to be the boss, won’t be told what to do, and won’t stand for having his power or authority challenged. While some people are attracted to this sort of person, others are totally incompatible with him. A Leo girl, in particular, is such a bad match for the alpha male because she has to be the boss in a relationship, which will lead to major conflict.

Leo is one of the strongest signs of the zodiac. Incredibly charismatic, she likes to have everyone looking at her, can handle an obscene amount of pressure and is never afraid to say what’s on her mind. She can be egotistical, meaning that she doesn’t like to be put in her place by anyone, especially an alpha male who thinks he’s the boss of the house.

10. Leo Doesn’t Need An Alpha Male, But She Also Doesn’t Need An Introvert

We can’t see Leo being too happy in a committed relationship with an alpha male, but we also can’t see her finding fulfillment with a serious introvert. While she can’t be with someone too similar to herself, she also shouldn’t try to force a marriage with someone who’s so distinct from her that they’re just living in different worlds from each other!

This is one sign who loves to be out doing things. She loves parties, loves to socialize and thrives on the attention she gets from others. Things could get awkward if she settles down with someone who doesn’t want to come to any of the parties, hates being stared at and often needs quiet time alone. She won’t understand them, they won’t understand her, and chaos will follow.

9. If A Guy Has No Ambitions And Is Just Floating Through Life, He Should Stay Out Of Virgo’s Way

Perhaps the most ambitious of the whole lot, Virgo probably won’t last long with someone who has no ambitions. Though she can be competitive, Virgo is one of those signs who is better off with somebody who mirrors her qualities rather than someone who’s basically come from a different planet.

Virgo is the type to overthink things and will definitely notice if the person she’s with doesn’t have any goals. She’s a hard worker, always has a plan and prefers to overachieve and excel than just get by (not to mention she’s very hard on herself) so she more than likely won’t understand or relate to someone who’s happy to do bare the minimum. Virgo is also a stressed-out sign as it is, and being with someone she feels is just plodding along would just about send her to the therapist’s lounge.

8. Libra Will Ultimately Feel Unfulfilled In A Marriage With Someone Who’s Afraid Of Romance

Romance in incredibly important to Libra. Love means everything to this sign—she’s the type to dream about her soulmate, plan her wedding from the age of 10 and think of Valentine’s Day as her favorite day of the year. So she could end up feeling pretty unsatisfied if she marries or settles down with someone who won’t have a bar of any of that.

Not all of us are romantic and sentimental, and that’s okay. But if you are one of those people who think with your head, don’t believe in true love and only want to get married because it’s what people in our society do, then don’t get attached to a Libra. She needs someone who will plan great romantic gestures, take her on surprise dates and tell her how he really feels about her.

7. A Flirty Husband Will Just Leave Scorpio Feeling Jealous And Enraged

Watching your spouse flirt can leave you with a sour feeling, whether you know they’re just joking or your marriage is hanging by a thread. But when a Scorpio catches her partner having a flirt, everybody in the vicinity should run for cover… they should change the saying to hell hath no fury as a Scorpio scorned.

Scorpio is simply the most jealous sign of the zodiac. Even if it’s just a joke, she doesn’t like watching her partner getting too close to someone else. Since some people don’t see anything wrong with an innocent flirt or having lots of friends, the best solution would be for these kinds of people to avoid getting serious with a Scorpio. This sign needs somebody who’s completely loyal, and who doesn’t give her a reason to ever suspect otherwise.

6. Scorpio Is Also Too Passionate To Be With Someone Who Is Emotionally Unavailable

In addition to being the most jealous sign of the zodiac, Scorpio also happens to be one of the most emotional. Though her version of emotional tends to come across in a more aggressive way than Libra’s or Cancer’s, she still has a lot of feelings that can easily get hurt. In order to stay emotionally fulfilled, Scorpio would be best advised to marry someone who is emotionally available.

Even though Scorpio is a hugely physical sign, there has to be more to her relationships than just this. She needs someone who will be there for her emotionally, ready to talk about deep and meaningful things. If he can’t do this, Scorpio could end up feeling very frustrated and may even grow to be a tad resentful.

5. A Man Who Is Looking To Settle Down Too Soon Will Make Sagittarius Feel Like She’s Trapped

Carefree and agreeable, Sagittarius doesn’t need to be with someone who’s emotionally intense or focused on her. Unlike other signs, she isn’t looking for someone to accompany her to fabulous parties, to dedicate themselves to her and declare their love for her or swear their undying loyalty to her. This sign is actually pretty easy to please! The only thing she really needs is for her partner to not make her feel trapped.

One sure-fire way to make Sagittarius feel trapped is to put pressure on her to settle down. We all want different things in life, and if a guy is determined to find a wife, get married and have babies as soon as he can, he isn’t that suited to being the life partner of Sagittarius.

4. Freeloaders Are Attracted To Capricorn, But They Won’t Make Her Happy In The Long Run

We would advise all the signs to steer clear of freeloaders and gold diggers. Capricorn, in particular, seems to be a target for them, since she usually does so well in her career. And Capricorn might enjoy dating someone who relies on her in this way because it makes her feel proud of herself to be in the position where she can help someone else. It also makes her feel more accomplished and successful, which makes her day.

But when it comes to settling down with and marrying people like this, Capricorn should watch out. There will come a day when she looks back and appreciates how hard she’s actually worked for everything she has, and then she will feel more used than anything by her dependent partner.

3. Anybody Who’s Clingy Or Needy In Any Way Will Make Aquarius Want Out Of The Marriage

A clingy person probably won’t last long by Aquarius’s side. This sign is interesting to get to know and can take her partner on adventures beyond their wildest dreams, but she can feel smothered very easily. She usually prefers being single to being in relationships because of this, and the moment that anybody starts to rely on her or attach themselves to her, she feels like she has to run away.

If Aquarius feels like she’s trapped in a marriage or long-term relationship with someone who turns out to be a stage-five clinger, she could get very panicked. It’s an accident waiting to happen, so in most cases, it’s better to just avoid this. This sign is much better suited to someone who can respect her space and not rely on her for too much.

2. Pisces Is Too Much Of A Dreamer To Be With A Man Who Won’t Bring Her Down To Earth

Unlike other signs, Pisces usually benefits from getting serious with someone who’s the opposite of her. This sign tends to love fantasy and can spend quite a bit of time indulging in daydreams. While there’s nothing wrong with that, she usually functions at her best when her partner helps to bring her down to earth, just a touch.

The thing with Pisces is that she isn’t just a dreamer; she actually has the potential to bring her dreams to fruition. But because she can get carried away with her fantasies, sometimes she just needs that presence in her life that will snap her out of it and encourage her to actually pursue her aspirations in the physical world. If she marries someone who just lets her dream, she might dream of her life away.

1. Since Pisces Is Also An Optimist, She Won’t Last Long With A Brutal Dream Crusher

At the same time, Pisces is too sensitive and fragile to be with someone who’s a total dream crusher! She probably shouldn’t get serious with someone who is just as away with the fairies as she is, but she also doesn’t need a pessimistic warden who will mock her for her dreams.

Some people tend to lean more toward a pessimistic way of thinking, can be quite insensitive to the goals and aspirations of others, and have no problem tearing other people down. This kind of partner will end up killing Pisces’ spirit, robbing her of her creative flair and possibly pressuring her into a life she doesn’t want, which will make her sad. And the thought of a sad Pisces is too much to handle! For best results, Pisces should avoid marrying these kinds of people.