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Here’s The Different Types Of Vehicles Number Plates You See In Nepal

Nepal is one of the few remaining countries which doesn’t mandate the use of embossed license plate on vehicles. The license plates have been traditionally hand-written and off lately it is printed on plastic board.

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However, there have been an alteration to license plates and the government implemented embossed license plates only very recently. It is worth mentioning, this rule change has become controversial and the government has put a hold on modifying the license plates to digitally scannable plates.

The embossed license plates will eventually make its way to each and every vehicle running in Nepal. In the meantime, let’s have a look at different types of license plates that we have been using in Nepal.

Corporation Vehicles

Diplomatic Vehicles

Government Vehicles

Ministerial Vehicles

Private Vehicles

Public Vehicles

Tourist Vehicles

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Here's The Different Types Of Vehicles Number Plates You See In Nepal

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