People Are Thinking This Is The Ugliest Pair Of Trousers Ever Made!

Sometimes fashion can just be a bit strange. Whether you follow the latest trends or if you’re happy in whatever feels comfortable, at some point you’ve probably seen a new top or dress and thought why?

Summer is always the best time of the year for fashion hubs to create a buzz. People are looking for new trends and most of the time, those trends last. And on another occasion, fashion police simply couldn’t digest the ugly trend.

Gucci Sold Out Ripped Tights For Whooping $190 And Tweeple Goes Berserk!

Similarly, Fashion Nova has come up with arguably the most bizarre women’s trousers, if we can call it trousers anyway. They are selling for $30 upwards on their official websites.

Wild One Lace-Up Shorts

Ripped Jeans

Many were simply baffled by how you actually get the jeans on. One said: “Who would wear this? How would you get your foot through the right hole without struggling? I am confused.” Another said: “Imagine trying to get these on my god.”