What Does Your Favorite Pair Of Underwear Say About Your Personality?

underwear say your personality

Fashion has long been a big part of people’s lives throughout history.  It was back in 1926 when economist George Taylor showcased something called the Hemline Index. It revealed that when a country was about to enter into a recession, women were more likely to wear longer dresses, whereas, during times of prosperity, the hemlines on dresses would be reduced.

But what we wear under our clothes is just as integral to our personalities as our outerwear. Your underwear choice can exactly reflect your personality. As your underwear is entirely beneath your clothes, it’s entirely your choice what to wear. This personal choice is enough to reveal your personality.

Whether it be a pair of boy shorts, or a thong, or some ‘granny panties,’ here are things that your underwear reveals about your personality. Just go through the following underwear types, colors, and fabrics and judge for yourself.

The color of your underwear

panties colors

In general, colors reflect our personality in a way, and it can be applied to underwear. Black underwear is a safe choice, yet exquisite and seductive. If there is an added detail, like lace, bow, or straps, it is a plus that makes it even more attractive, regardless of it being thongs, boxers, or regular panties.

The color red is for those with a strong personality because it shows that you are confident and strong. Any red underwear is usually perceived as sexy, so again, you can’t be wrong with any type.

If you are soft, feminine, and innocent, you will probably show it by choosing pastel colors, soft pink, or even white. If you like this, you probably like to stick to what’s safe and not experiment much, but there is nothing wrong with that.

The fabric of your underwear

panties fabrics

Wearing lace underwear shows how romantic and feminine you are. You appreciate the fine things in your life, and you are a true lady. Every sensual, elegant, and fearless woman owns a pair of silky underwear.

They show how good you feel in your skin and that you are not afraid to take what you want. Only someone with a powerful personality will choose this type of underwear. Cotton underwear means that you are active and always on the go.

You appreciate simple things in life and enjoy each moment of it. You maybe don’t have much time to dedicate to choosing your underwear, and you like always to be ready for an adventure.

The type of your underwear

The type of underwear reflects your lifestyle, and from that, it can say something about your personality.


t string panties

The T-string is a scandalous piece of underwear that is usually reserved for those who are extremely comfortable in their own skin. People who regularly wear this form of underwear are confident, independent, and not shy to show off what they have.


g string panties

The G-string is similar to the T-string but the characteristics differ. Someone who regularly wears a G-string is usually a person who can balance work and pleasure with ease. These types of people are comfortable in their own skin but also willing to reveals parts of themselves both physically and mentally. You must be the sexiest girl in your group and you must be the most happening girl in the folks.


thong panties

Thongs are generally reserved for those who are ambitious, motivated, and driven to succeed. Discomfort and being out of your comfort zone isn’t something that really bothers them and their motivation to reach their goals cannot only define them as a person but also inspire others as well. A thong-wearing girl is very open-minded and confident about her body. You speak your mind and never mind what others think. You love people around you.


tanga panties

The tanga is a type of underwear that is usually preferred by those people who are traditional in nature but progressive in thoughts. They can enjoy the simple things in life but they also require their close circle of friends to be open-minded and current.


bikini panties

The bikini is usually worn by women who are outdoorsy, athletic, and sporty. These underwear are usually worn by women who are extremely comfortable with their own bodies and they can also be playful and sexy but can be serious and practical as well.


cheeky panties

The cheeky underwear is usually worn by people who are cheeky as well. These people tend to be alert, smart, witty, and funny. They are quick to respond to a joke or jest and love to be playful and charming.


hipster panties

The ‘hipster’ underwear is a cross between shorts and underwear. These are usually worn by people who are reclusive and quiet. Just when you think you know who they are they surprise you with another layer of their personalities.


boyshorts panties

Boy shorts are usually worn by those with an outgoing personality and those who are sporty and athletic. These people are usually outgoing and charming and love to engage in outdoor activities.

Classic briefs

classic briefs panties

If classic briefs are your preferred form of underwear then most likely you are someone who cares about practicality and comfort over aesthetics and appearances. You are also someone who can remain calm in a difficult situation and will think of solutions rather than panicking. Apart from this, it shows you are introverted and timid.


high waist panties

The high-waisted underwear is for those who are easy-going and fun-loving. They don’t really care much for other people’s opinions but they have the innate ability to comfort and make those around them feel much better.


seamless panties

You must be a career-oriented and focused person. You don’t like those panty lines to be visible out of those formal pants or pencil skirts as you are busy with meetings and other events.

Animal Prints

animal print panties

Animal print is the choice for those who have a bit of a wild side. It’s also the choice for those who are looking to please their partner. Our expert says those who wear this style enjoy tapping into their partner’s animal side as well. When the brain detects a leopard, tiger, or cheetah pattern, it triggers a fear response, translating into increased sexual arousal.


commando panties

Finally, the girl who doesn’t like to wear panties at all. You are a real free spirit and don’t want to waste time and money buying panties. You are very brave too.

Sometimes we choose the type of underwear according to our personality. And many times, you can change something about your personality by trying on a different type. It’s the beauty of it. Experiment and wear what you feel most comfortable.