15 Unexplained Things On TMKOC That Every Viewer Want Answers To

Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah is synonymous with Sony SAB TV. Every time you change the channel to SAB TV, there is a good chance of you catching an episode of TMKOC. The ever-popular family sitcom has provided us clean comedy that makes us forget our distresses and pamper ourselves with humor. Moreover, the show has taken up the role of a goodwill ambassador towards society, with episodes endorsing good manners and life lessons.

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The show has gone strength to strength in its prolonged years of entertainment. However, there remain a few things that are never answered on the show. And everyone who has at least watched the show once would have few questions that are left unexplained.

Here we take a look at some of those unanswered things on TMKOC:

1. Stereotypes everywhere

TMKOC holds typical Indian stereotypes with pride. A Punjabi owns a garage, a Gujarati is a businessman, a South Indian is a scientist, so on and so forth. It underpins those stereotypes in its core characters.

2. Semi-circle dialogues delivery

How often do you see the Gokuldham members discussing amongst themselves in a perfect semi-circle? Almost all the time. And how often do you see that in real life? Almost never. Although the semi-circle or sometimes a straight formation is created for efficient camera positioning, why not put in some realism on the way they stand and talk to each other?

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3. Celebs promoting their movies

This is not just limited to TMKOC, but nowadays, almost every show has become a promotion outlet for upcoming movies. And what amazes us the most is the fact that every celeb is way too excited to be coming to Gokuldham Society.

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4. Daya’s Mother?

One thing that remains the most mysterious about the show is the fact that we have never seen who is Daya’s mother. Never ever the writers thought about it? Or they couldn’t cast the right actor for the role?

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5. Car-free society

It is quite strange to have a housing society without a single family owning a car, Roshan Singh Sodhi being the exception. But even he drives a Jeep, which technically is not a family car. Jethalal who has over 1 crore yearly turnover can’t afford a car?

6. Pinku’s Character

Pinku, an integral member of the famed Tapu-Sena lives alone. His family is as mysterious as the UFO theory. Nobody seems to care a bit about it. Never seen where he lives, or who cooks food for him? His role is the least sensible amongst all the characters.

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7. Tapu Sena can organize anything

If Tapu Sena were given the responsibility to organize the Oscars, they would do an awesome job! Seriously, the writers have provided those kids with the superpowers of organizing anything and everything under the Sun.

8. “Mr. Fix It” Bagha

Bagha has the ability to fix everything. From mobile phones to TV sets, he has the skills to repair every device known to mankind. And not to forget the uncanny ideas he presents Jethalal with, he is a dream employee to have at your store.

9. Mehta Saab

You may have noticed that Jethalal addressed Taarak Mehta as ‘Mehta Saab,’ but doesn’t care about other members of the society. Why this disparity? And in return, Taarak Mehta only addresses Jethalal by his name, shouldn’t there be mutual respect?

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10. Rocket Scientist Iyer

As the show portrays Mr. Iyer as a rocket scientist, why is it that he is always shown working with chemicals? Aren’t rocket scientists meant to work with physical components rather than chemical reactions?

11. GPL is televised LIVE

Gokuldham Premier League (GPL) is telecasted live with ball-to-ball coverage. That means it surely rivals IPL in terms of viewership and quality.

12. Security guards and CCTV

In modern-day housing complex, it is mandatory to have at least a security guard or CCTV coverage. But at Gokhuldham, none are required.

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13. Too many festivities

The society members have every time in the world to celebrate every festival in a grand style. One thing that they never explain, where do they get the funding from? As Mr. Bhide always says there not enough society funds for events. Yet, they manage to pull extravagant events with ease.

14. Rita Reporter

Why is Rita reporter always telecasting live events of Gokuldham society on Kal Tak? Is Kal Tak an exclusive Gokuldham society news channel?

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15. Episodes being dragged

The most irritable aspects of the show are stories being dragged for too long. Sometimes the festival would have passed a month and on the show, they are still celebrating that particular commemoration. They stretch it to the level that the whole episode becomes a recap of itself. A single storyline is dragged for weeks or even months without getting to any conclusion.

Despite all these irregularities that are often overlooked by the makers, the show is still able to grab those TRP ratings. What other things do you find annoying about the show? Share with us in the comment section down below.

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