25 Unfortunate Indian Names You’ll Feel Glad Your Parents Didn’t Name You

Some Indian parents always want their kids to be incredibly different from others, so they try to give the kids unique names. But, it turns out that many of them are not too creative. Mind it, choosing the right baby name is always tough!

Indian names are very tongue-twisting, unimaginable, and mostly related to anything ancient to the parent’s knowledge. And when it comes to giving the nicknames to the kids, 4 out of 10 kids would be Pintu, and the other 6 would be anyone between chintu, monu, sonu, or golu.

But, sometimes people even cross this fine line of being funny in their name to having their names become the prime element of being bullied. But anyway, they do come into the limelight. Not sure if it’s positive or not.

So, here are 25 of the most hilarious Indian names which will make you feel glad for not having them as your parents.

1. The right place to invest

2. Well qualified

3. I won’t consult this doctor

4. He’s in the wrong profession

5. Look at the first name on the board behind her

6. He didn’t research World War

7. She’s 18+ right from her birth

8. Bond… Pukharambam James Bond Singh

9. The spicy valentine

10. The right place to cure bombing headache

11. Wonder what does that S.P. stand for

12. This lady might have back problems

13. Politics and the name Hitler doesn’t go together

14. Every time he remembers his last name

15. Quite a genius

16. Ab Ki Baar, Dr. Modi Sarkar

17. Anu Sharma, please take note

18. Experience outweighs the name

19. Jackie Shroff isn’t creative with names

20. And you think your life is hard

21. Most unfortunate name

22. And this unique name

23. Who has an account at this branch?

24. Anju, the daughter of America

25. I trust Mrs. more than Mr.

What’s your lucky name? Now, tell us some of the funniest names you have ever heard of. There is a comment section below for you to entertain us.