5 Most Useful Fitness Apps That Can Assist You During Workout In This Lockdown

Subscribing to fitness apps through quarantine can assist you in planning your workout habits and dietary management better.

It is more comfortable to stay in shape if you don’t let yourself get out of your body in the primary place! However, this philosophy is more challenging to follow, especially with the Coronavirus lockdown strictly in place. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic makes it unlikely for most of us to stick to our everyday workout routines. Going to the gym is entirely out of the question.

But, there is perpetually a silver lining no matter how bleak things may appear. In this instance, it is the availability of digital house exercise apps. Subscribing to fitness apps through quarantine can assist you in planning your workout habits and dietary management better. 

Here are five of the best fitness app you can use for a workout in this pandemic situation:


MyFitnessPal can assist you to dial in that diet so you can literally see the results of all your time in the gym. With a comprehensive food database, barcode scanner, receipt merchant, restaurant logger, calorie table, and food penetrations, you’ll have a complete idea of your diet. Pick a goal — weight loss, weight gain, and weight sustaining — and let MyFitnessPal help you develop healthy habits to reach it. Log your exercise and steps, and get assistance and motivation from the active forums.

Android rating: 4.4 & Apple rating: 4.7

Map My Run

Map My Run is a fantastic app for tracking and planning all your runs, but it doesn’t stay there. Use it to log more than 600 exercises like cycling, walking, gym workouts, cross-training, yoga, and several others. Practice the Gear Tracker to track mileage on your footwear, find nearby areas to run, and combine with more than 400 devices to imply and examine all your data.

Android rating: 4.6 & iOS rating: 4.8

Fitness Buddy

Fitness Buddy is like a virtual personal instructor and nutritionist in one, with numbers of exercises to tackle at home or at the gym, plus personalized meal plans and recipes. All activities emphasize clear guidance and videos, and regular workout plans make this model for beginners or advanced lifters.

Android rating: 4.1 & iOS rating: 4.8

JEFIT Workout Planner

Leave the notebook — the JEFIT Workout Planner is a more playful, more innovative approach to track your exercise at the gym. Use the workout planner to outline your own fitness plans and routines particular to your goals. You can browse the exercise database for inspiration, complete exercise guidance, and check out your earnings to stay motivated.

Android rating: 4.4 & iOS rating:4.8


The Runkeeper app is created to assist you in reaching your running goals. You can track runs, set calculable goals, and review your stats. To hold all that hard work results six inspiring voices can be customized to relay your speed, distance, time, and personalized plans. Delivering you more suitable to get up and out the doorway, day in and day out. Use the in-app challenges to stay inspired, and engage in virtual jogging groups for assistance and inspiration.

Android rating: 4.4 & iOS rating: 4.8