14 Unknown But Useful Google Apps You Should Start Using Immediately

unknown useful google apps

Google can be your best friend when you search for your answer and information about anything. Billions of people use Google every day, but few of them can fully utilize Google. Actually, most used search engines can offer you a lot of great services, apps, and features that are unknown to many people.

The Buzzativ team will give you information about such apps. Below are 15 useful Google apps that you probably didn’t know about it. Let’s check out.

1. Google Translate

Google Translate app is a mobile application for those who love traveling or mostly travel to different countries or cities. Just open your phone camera and point to the text you need to translate, and the app will instantly translate it into the language of your choice.

2. Gmailify

Gmailify: This app helps you to gather all your email accounts into one Gmail inbox.

3. Google Scholar

Google Scholar is a search engine that works across scholarly literature. It only searches from textbooks, scientific papers, and journals.

4. Google Keep

Google Keep is a notes app that helps you to create colorful notes so you won’t forget to do anything important anymore!

5. Timer

With Timer, you can use google to set the timer for any time you want. When your time is over, you’ll hear the alarm sound. For this just type, “five-minute timer” in the google search bar, and your timer will start.

6. Google Sky

Google Sky lets you see outer space you can use this app, it gives you a virtual telescope feel. By using this you can walk across the Milky Way Galaxy and know about the latest studies.

7. Google Fonts

Google Fonts is a search engine that will help you get the best fonts for your projects.

8. Google Art Project

Any art lover should not miss Google Art Project at any condition, If you are an art lover this app is for you. Discover famous art over the world.

9. Think with Google

Think with Google keeps you tuned about the latest research, ongoing consumer trends, and the newest insights in marketing.

10. Google Trends

Google Trends is all about trending things over the internet.

11. Google Shopping

With Google Shopping, you can shop anything here.

12. Panoramio

Panoramio lets you discover the world through pictures taken by Internet users.

13. Google Sound Search

Google Sound Search is an amazing music recognition app likely to Shazam. It will tell you what song is playing in the background.

14. Google Images

Google Images is the most used image search tool. You can search here for any type of image with a different type of size and resolution. You can also search by in an Image.

Have you tried these apps before?