Beauty Hacks You Didn’t Know About Ever Dependable ‘Vaseline’

vaseline hacks

In the market, you’ll find lots of beauty products there’s a new one launching every now and then. But, people still love to use classic beauty products. One of which is Vaseline. People use it for different purposes, especially during winter.

You must be wondering how it could be called a beauty product. It has been in the industry for around 150 years and still many people use it. It is a multitasking cream that can work wonders for you.

Check out some of the favorite petroleum jelly hacks.

Helps you to remove lash glue

Yeah! You need not harm your lashes. Using a cotton swab, apply some Vaseline into your lash line and wait for a while. You can peel away the lashes without any pain.

To highlight cheekbones

You can dab a bit of Vaseline on your cheekbones to get a dewy finish.

Minimalist can define their lashes using Vaseline

Yes! Simply apply Vaseline to your lashes. It will add volume to your lashes.

Soothes cracked heels

If your heels are cracked, scratchy, or a flaky mess, make your routine to wash your feet and apply Vaseline on your feet before going to bed. It will make your skin soft and smooth.

To know more interesting Vaseline hacks check out this video.

Have you tried any of these vaseline hacks?