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This Video Proves Once Again Why Sex Education Is Necessary In Our Society

Tampons should be a taboo subject.

We all have experienced those awkward when sanitary pad advert pops up on the TV screen whilst you are watching with your family. Even when you are glued to the screen to finish your favorite sitcom, that advert will show up. The passive aggressive quietness in the room will make everyone uncomfortable, to say the least.

Your parents would attempt to divert the conversation to something more participatory such as your exam grades, and your mother might get up and go to make tea. Your sibling will run for the remote control in an attempt to ease the moment. There is nothing with the advertisement of sanitary pads as it is a natural occurrence.

However, our societal norms do not permit to talk about the possibly taboo issue. Watch this video by our friend Rickshawali gives a glimpse of our societal misconception. There is nothing immoral in talking about sanitary napkins or menstruation. This video might broaden your horizon about tampons and why you should not have a pinch of shyness discussing it.


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