This Video Has Your Back So That You Can Birth Control And Chill!

For as long as men and women have been making babies, they’ve been trying not to. And for as long as Indians have been having sex, we’ve been pretending not to. But we know you’re having sex! And we know you might not be ready to have children. So let’s say bye-bye to “Sanskars” and talk about birth control. This video will give you a lowdown on the birth control available in India. Because it’s important to stay safe, kids (and away from having to name your own).

For as long as men and ladies have been making babies, they’ve been making an effort not to. Also, for whatever length of time that Indians have been having intercourse, we’ve been imagining not to. In case you’re engaging in sexual relations (and we know you are) this video is for you! This video will give you a lowdown on the contraception accessible in India. Since it’s critical to remain safe, kids (and far from naming your own).

The Ancient Origins of Today’s Unpopular Sexual Practices

Not prepared to have babies yet? Why not quit engaging in sexual relations? Forbearance is the main way. Hold up, NO! There is a superior arrangement that nobody discusses – however this video does!

Indian culture does not straightforwardly discuss pre-marital sex or undesirable pregnancies. Regardless of whether you’re 20 years of age or 40, wedded or unmarried, rich or poor, man or lady – it’s essential to think about all the diverse sorts of birth control choices accessible today.


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