Vintage Pictures Of Flight Attendants Who Were Jet-Setting Career Women

vintage air stewardess

In the years after World War II, airline stewardess grew into one of the most famous symbols of American femininity, idolized everywhere. The personification of America’s perfect woman, flight attendants, appeared on magazine covers, featured in ad campaigns for every kind of merchandise, lectured in schools, and even assisted as official hostess at the White House.

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Young, beautiful, unmarried, smart, charming, slim, the stewardess was a jet-setting career woman who encouraged young girls everywhere, emissary of femininity bridging the gap between the 50s idealized impeccable housewife, a quintessential wife-to-be and the 60s career women. And when their influence grew, they paved the way for 1970 feminism.

In the meantime, appreciate a collection of vintage advertising featuring these female icons: