This Delightful Song ‘Walking Firiri’ Makes Your Day Much Brighter

walking firiri

We are all too familiar with the classic song, “Resham Firiri” which redefines Nepalese folk music. A lot of re-editing has been done on this song to meet the contemporary response. Numerous attempts have been made in the process, some of the versions enhanced the original song while others simply failed to contribute any inputs.

‘Lau Na Ho’ Is Melodious And Expressive At Its Very Best!

Gorkhali Takma released its own version of Resham Firiri and it is remarkably groovy. The duo on the video walks down the streets of Thamel and Lakeside, Pokhara voicing their amusement. The song is likable at its best and combines the tune of the original track with a fresh beat.

Covering popular folk songs isn’t anything new. But to be able to recreate the same magic is what sets apart a good cover version from the rest.