10 Weight Loss Myths You Should Know And Be Able To Ignore Altogether

Obesity has become an alarming factor for many individuals. They are tired of the stubborn belly fat that distorts their shape. Weight loss has become such a hype that now all over the internet, you can find several articles on how to lose weight. Well, out of these, some may be useful while others are just myths that we are forced to believe.

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People wish to lead a healthy and happy life. But obesity is an obstacle that triggers health hazards like high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, and much more. So, to keep themselves healthy, people blindly get fooled by anything and everything stated by their near and dear ones. But if you seriously wish to undergo weight loss, then it is always advisable that you consult an expert dietitian and physical trainer.

They can guide you through the pathway and help you cover your weight loss journey. Now, let us look at some of the common myths, which many of us might have come across while scrolling through the pages in social media. It is now time to remove your misconception and learn the truth.

1. Carbs can make you fat

You might have been warned by many to keep a check on your carbohydrate content if you desire to lose weight. Well, the truth is carbs can be of two types-simple and complex. While it is seen that simple carbs contained foods like sugar and saturated fat, the complex ones are just the opposite. Fruits and vegetables which have a rich content of carbs actually aid in keeping a check on your weight and further aid in weight loss.

2. The longer you workout, the quicker will be weight loss

Yes, it is true that by undergoing a rigorous exercise regime and strenuous workout session, you can lose a substantial amount of your body weight. But it is a myth that you need to do it for long hours to get better results. While trying to burn down those extra kilos, you need to put in all your energy and not time. You don’t require to sit back for hours and to perform exercises to lose weight. All you need to do is pick up the right exercises for yourself and make it intense and devote your full energy to the same.

3. A healthy diet and daily exercise can stunt weight gain

Gaining and losing weight is like the two sides of the same coin. Your lifestyle and eating habit determine which side will win. Dieting doesn’t mean you will eat less. Your diet should be a balance of all the essential nutrients. A lack of any vital nutrients can make you weak. Thus, it is recommended to eat healthily and perform your exercises daily.

4. Skip your meals to promote weight loss

Skipping meals is a major problem seen mostly with a woman. Many of us have a misconception that by skipping meals we can burn down the fat. But the exact opposite of this occurs. This is because when you skip your meal, the metabolic rate of your body slows down and as a result, instead of burning the fat it stores more.

5. Improvised weight loss by turning into a vegetarian

Non-veg food doesn’t make you look fat. Many people believe that by turning themselves into a vegetarian, they can speed up the weight loss process. But you need to remember that any food that you consume has a certain amount of calories.

6. Meat can make you fat

It entirely depends on how you utilize a food item. Meat is a good source of protein, and when it is consumed in a moderate amount, it can help you lose weight. It also boosts up your muscles and helps in burning down the fat. But over-excessive consumption of it can lead to weight gain.

7. Exercise can’t help poor metabolism

Many people have a misconception that people suffering from poor metabolism cannot be cured by exercise. Well, it is just the opposite. A person can improve his/her metabolic rate better by performing exercises daily. This will also help in breaking down the unwanted fat from the body.

8. Drink water to speed up weight loss

Water is a necessity for the proper functioning of our body because 60% of our body comprises of water. But it is a misconception that water can induce weight loss. It can help you keep your body hydrated and keep you satiated at the time when you feel like eating a burger, but it doesn’t break down any calorie on its own.

9. Weightlifting is just for bodybuilders

Even if you don’t wish to have a hulk-like body, you can lift weights. It will strengthen your muscles and will burn down the stored fat and calories. It is for every individual whether you are a wrestler or commoner.

10. Late-night food cravings will make you fat

Craving for midnight food can induce weight gain. Yes, it is true until the point you are aware of what you are consuming. If you wake up in the middle of the night and have a cake and pastries, it will surely increase your weight. But instead, if you have something healthy like skimmed milk, then it will not only satiate your hunger but prevent the occurrence of weight gain as well.

So, these are some of the weight loss myths that you need to think about before actually believing and following any of it. Share this article! If you liked reading this article, share it with your loved ones.