What Is Life? Is Death Real? This Video Attempts To Explain

what is life? is death real?

The true meaning about life and the definition of purposeful life differs from one individual to another and it is to widely open for interpretation.

What is life? The true essence of life is one of the most challenging questions. The definition of purposeful life differs from one individual to another, and it is too wide open for interpretation. Also, another mystery is surrounding the death. What happens after we die?

What is the purpose of our lives? Is death real? These are some of the questions that remain unanswered. Given the technological advancement, it is bizarre that we don’t precisely know what life is for? Many people have attempted to put theories across to explain the meaning of life, but they have not provided any concrete explanation.

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Life is an ongoing journey, and pinpointing the actual meaning of life is close to impossible. The purpose of life differs for each individual, and there can’t be a singular agreeable description of it. Nevertheless, this incredible video comes very close to explain the meaning of life simplistically.

What do you think will happen after death?