Who Is The Real Feminist? This Video Hilarious Answers It!

who is real feminist

Gone are the days when men actually used to think that women are made only for kitchen and household affairs as well as to give them pleasure on the bed. With changing times, there has been an ample change in the mentality and attitude of society, and women’s condition has really improved to a significant extent; however, there are still few parts of the world where they are not treated equally to men. But all men are the same!

You’ll find a number of women who talk of feminism and look at every man with a suspicious glance but only talking about the rights of women and gender equality does not make you a feminist.

Old Delhi Films has wonderfully expressed this idea in this awesome video and it shows who is the real feminist. It’s a must-watch video for each and every person who thinks all men are the same!

Did it change your perception?