Why Do Nepali Guys Find White Women So Much More Attractive?

Human relations are complicated by nature; there is always something more profound than meets the eye. Interracial ties are even more complex, even though they have been around for ages.

No matter what these white women think about the Nepali guys, the Nepali guys hold no grudge against them. On the contrary, it is quite the opposite.

So, why is it that Nepali guys find white women more attractive? There is no simple answer; at least nobody admits that it is so black and white – or should be saying ‘brown and white’!

Fair skin attraction 

First, it is cultural that Nepalis prefer fair skin, especially on a woman. Many attribute this to Bollywood, where almost all the leading actresses have milky complexion. Still, modest skin preference goes way back, even before black-and-white flicks took over Nepali movies. Many of the matrimonial advertisements often include ‘fair skin’ mention or requirements. The white women win hands down if you go by the skin color. So, this is an excellent first impression to start with! The fair skin criteria go beyond the Bollywood actresses and are shared among all Nepali cultures – home or abroad.

Stronger sense of independence

Compared to a Nepali woman raised in Nepali society, a white woman from the West is more independent and self-reliant. Moreover, in western culture (Western, as in Europe and America, not as in cowboys), the women have much more say in their decision-making than in Nepali society, where families dominate and control women’s upbringing.

Less family control

This is more of a continuation of the previous point. The family often controls the women from Nepal in many essential aspects of their life, including selecting a life partner. So, the family interference is much more in Nepali women, which is a turn-off for many guys – even by Nepali standard!

More outgoing and less cultural boundaries

Western culture is less restrictive and less intrusive for a female than Nepali traditions. As a result, white women are more outgoing, and many guys find this appealing to their partners.

Shedding arranged marriage taboo

In modern Nepali society, arranged marriage is fading away. The love marriages and on the uprise and are more socially accepted, compared to old days. The guys are giving more importance to the actual relations rather than family-controlled match-making. As a result, guys can look beyond Nepali culture when it comes to selecting their life partners.

Marrying into a superior race 

Many will not admit this, but the white race has often been considered exceptional by Nepali society. There is a reason for millions of Nepalis migrating to western countries. The capitalist system, the medical advancement, the developed infrastructural, the education system all add up to make an impression of a superior culture. Having a white partner is not looked down on by Nepali society, even though the religions and traditions may not accept it. This is another reason for Nepali guys to be attracted to white women.

The exploratory phase of life

Maybe some of the attraction is out of curiosity. After all, it is human nature to explore something non-transitional. But, on the other hand, others might want to show a rebellious side by going against the flow.

Easier to get along with and less complicated

Not sure how true this is, but many Nepali guys believe that white women are easier to get along with. It may boil down to the fact that white women have less baggage from the family side and fewer social restrictions than a typical Nepali woman.

Now, it should be mentioned that modern Nepali women are much more independent and accessible compared to the old days. The social restraints and family controls are fading with time. Some of the arguments above may not apply to the modern era Nepali women, but perceptions linger. So, some of this behavior may be out of mere perception than reality. On average, however, white women are more independent, outgoing, and less restricted by social boundaries. This may be the tipping point in favor of white women.

In the end, the relations should not be based on perceptions but mutual understanding, regardless of skin color or culture. But, at the same time, you cannot overlook the fact that people have their preferences, prejudices, and own mindset when selecting a partner.
After all, the heart knows no boundaries!