Woman’s Tweet With Her Shorter Husband Made Others To Share Their As Well

Lizz Adams shared with pride on her 5’5″ ‘king’ who treats her the way every man should be towards their love. And much to her surprise, the post went viral with many other women and men sharing how the unusual gap did not define their love.

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And honestly, this picture is goals for tall women and short men. They just look so friggin’ lovely despite the height differences!

She then updated as people began sharing their own stories of shorter men-tall women.

Eventually, more people attest to this fact that size really doesn’t matter.

Another shared a controversial opinion that sees the rise of shorter men.

Lizz’s tweet went wild with almost 27k retweets, 2.7k comments and 190k likes on Twitter by now. And she was not implying that tall men are worse (although statistics do say tall people are more likely to cheat!), but have you ever thought about letting the opportunity to let shorter ones love you?

Science also explains that we instinctively see taller people as stronger. In finding partners, women consider tall men to be more successful! American voters even tend to vote for taller candidates, a factor that is often irrelevant to skills and achievements.

People shared their thoughts on this.