This Women Displaying Her 8 Different Ethnic Saree Styles Are Amazing

The only attire whose fashion never dies is the Indian traditional Saree, which is also the most sensuous and glamorous outfit for any woman. For any occasion, be it a wedding, party, farewell or uniform Saree is preferred everywhere.

This ethnic attire is further segregated by geographically as every woman from a different region in India wear saree in their own styling way. Buzzfeed India perceived this idea of different types of Saree and made a video on their Facebook Page, depicting what 8 types of Sarees look like on one woman.

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The idea was admirable and after watching the video, it is hard to deny that each way of wrapping a 9-yard cloth, always flared the Indian ethnic look. 8 types of sarees worn were from 8 different regions of India, starting from Rajasthan to Parsi Mumbai.

1. Bandhani saree from Rajasthan and Gujarat.

2. Nauvari saree from Maharashtra.

3. Banarasi saree from Uttar Pradesh.

4. Kanjivaram saree from Tamil Nadu.

5. Tant saree from West Bengal.

6. Mundu saree from Kerala.

7. Kota Doria saree from Rajasthan.

8. Parsi Gara saree from Gujarat and Mumbai.

Every look has been given a fine touch of makeup with accessories and hairstyles followed in respective locations. Every time the look changed, the model looks different and indeed beautiful.

Image Source: BuzzFeed

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This Women Displaying Her 8 Different Ethnic Saree Styles Are Amazing

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