11 Types Of Women You Will Meet At Any Nepali Wedding

The wedding season might’ve been officially over this year, but despite Covid-19, the month of Mangshir was filled with many weddings nationwide. And I’m sure you were invited to at least one of them. 

Compared to men, women are usually more excited about weddings, whether their own or someone else’s. And at every wedding you attend, you’re guaranteed to meet at least one of these types.

Here are 11 types of women you meet at a wedding.

1. The Gossip Queen

From family history to dating and everything in between, she knows everything about everyone present (or absent) in the ceremony, and her business is to get in everyone’s business. She can even provide you with the timeline of someone’s day-to-day if you ask for it.

2. Fashionistas

These women have zero interest in the bride, the groom, the food, and the ceremony. They’re only worried about whether anyone looks better than them or is wearing the same outfit.

3. Snapping Their Lives Away

It doesn’t matter what someone’s wearing or doing; the only mission of these women is to take incredible photos of themselves, everywhere in the venue.

4. The Social Butterfly

She’s the type that fits in perfectly with everyone. You’ll never see her sitting idle in one place; one minute, she converses with the aunties; the next, she’s hyping people on the dance floor or getting shots in the bar and flirting with the groom’s best friend.

5. The Personal Assistant BFF

Every bride needs an assistant on her big day, and you’ll find one girl on standby to assist the bride through everything. She’s her purse carrier, the one that brings her food, fixes her dress and makeup, and even assists her in the bathroom.

6. Judgemental Aunties

There will always be a group of women at every wedding whose only job is to sit at a table with a 360-angle view and judge every guest. And trust me; these women will judge you for everything, from your outfit to your life decisions.

7. The Malfunctioning Diva

In every wedding, there’s always that one lady who is malfunctioning throughout the day. There’s either something wrong with her outfit, or she’s always stumbling here and there, embarrassing everyone around her.

8. The One That Came To Eat

She’s someone who doesn’t care what somebody else wears but cares what somebody has on their plate. She knows that the only thing more important than the wedding itself is food, and she has no shame at all doing multiple rounds at the buffet table.

9. The Annoyed Soul

These are the types who never wanted to attend the wedding in the first place but somehow ended up coming, and now they can’t wait to leave. They’re annoyed with everything from the servers bringing them appetizers and drinks to the venue and even the bride’s dress.

10. Raunchy Old Women Club

At every wedding, a group of really old women also talks about how weddings used to be in the olden days. Also, these women have no filter in their mouths whatsoever, and they’re up there discussing every steamy little detail about their own marriages, which at one point becomes too much to handle.

11. Hyperactive Annoying Kids

Finally, at every wedding, little kids are always running around in their lehengas and kurtas with their shawls sweeping off the floor and no parental guidance. They’re knocking off drinks from the tables and eating up all the ice cream from the dessert station.

Did we miss out on any? Do let us know in the comments.