10 Women’s Role That Are Depicted On Popular ‘Saas-Bahu’ Hindi Serials

The wide range of entertainment choices doubled up with network television has been a blessing to all house-makers. Indian daily soap, infamously, labeled as ‘Saas-Bahu’ serials are perhaps one of the hugely followed entertainment industry.

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As an individual with a full-time job, I don’t have the time, energy, or patience to watch these daily soaps. These serials are not only regressive but illustrate a preposterous version of Indian ethos. Here a few things about Indian TV serials that get on my nerves.

 1. Heavy jewelry and extravagant Sarees

Who wears large jewelry and larger-than-life Saree in their daily lives? These serials are creaking a bogus idealism in the minds of normal women.

2. The Bahu look

These serials have made such a lasting impact on our mind that when you say Bahu, you automatically think of some girl who is covered in heavy saree and has accepted her role to be inside the kitchen. Even if she is highly educated, her in-laws won’t allow her to work and are obligated to do the household chores.

3. Skin color and size

A fair-skinned Bahu is always considered naive, whereas, a relatively dark-skinned Bahu considered crooked. Skin color determines how you will be treated by your in-laws. Also, the heavier you are on your size, the eviler you are depicted.

4. Over-the-top Wedding Ceremony

One thing that is common in all Indian daily soaps is the overgenerous wedding. Even though the family is struggling to make their ends meet, someone manages to throw a spendthrift wedding reception.

5. Mother-in-law is ‘Cruel’ on Indian TV

This is a very confrontational statement. Although Indian daily soaps have proven time and time again, that mother-in-law is the unkindest character a Bahu can confront in her marital life.

6. Multiple Marriages

Indian TV serials have repetitively shown is that multiple marriages are totally acceptable. And we are not talking once or twice getting married, we are talking volume in here, in excess of ten marriages are easily conventional. And the woman is always expected to love her new, newer, and newest husband.

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7. Women are only housewives

Indian TV serials have formed a stereotype that women are housewives only. They can’t go out and do official work. This is wrong on so many levels.

8. Harassment against women

Despite having such a massive following, Indian TV serials fail to protest harassment against women. Contradictory, their story-line forces women victims of sexual aggravation to marry the offender.

9. Dream of getting married

A girl should not dream for a better future, a steady career, or an elevated status in society. Rather, she should dream about getting married to a man who disrespects her and insults her.

10. The perfect woman

These serials have set a clear distinction between who is good and who is evil. A woman who abides by the traditions and accepts tortures from her in-laws is considered good. A woman who wears a sleeveless blouse and stands up for her mistreatment is labeled immoral.

Enough is enough. Write some realistic scripts already.