This World Map Shows What Every Country Is Best At And You Will Be Shocked By The Results

Do you know that there are over 200 countries in the world? All these countries have some distinct characteristics that make them unique. David McCandless has collected information about what each country is the best at and compiled it in the form of an informative map that will give you a whole new perspective towards these nations.

The data has been collected from various sources like The World Bank and United Nations and is categorized into nine groups namely Commodity, Psychology, Ecology, Gastronomy, Economy, Nicety, Humanity, Technology, and Nasty.

Asia: While India leads in banana production, Pakistan is the leader in gay porn consumption

Africa: While Zimbabwe leads in the number of official languages, Egypt leads in heavy women

Europe: While Norway leads in pizza consumption, Georgia leads in the number of homophobes

Oceania: While Malaysia leads in rubber gloves, Australia leads in cybersecurity incidents

North America: While Canada leads in personal freedom, the United States leads in spam mails

South America: While Columbia leads the chart in happiness, Honduras leads in murders

Fascinating, isn’t it?

Source: Information Is Beautiful