14-Year-Old Boy Makes Guinness World Record For Having The Largest Mouth

world record largest mouth

A 14-year-old boy has earned the record title for the largest mouth with his lips opening to a staggering 3.6 inches wide.

There is a record for everything nowadays, as it seems. You don’t have to be madly intelligent or super strong for landing a Guinness World Record. You can also gain it by your exceptional talent, like, in this case, having the largest mouth. People say that you have to be gifted at something, and for 14-year-old Isaac Johnson, something has the largest mouth.

Issac Johnson who hails from Bloomington, Minnesota, is the honored record holder for the “World’s Largest Mouth” title.

Isaac realized at age 14 that his mouth wasn’t like other people’s. He looked up the current holder of the world’s biggest mouth, and Isaac’s mouth was three centimeters off at the time and ‘in due course grew over time.’