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The Worst Logos Ever Get Redesigned By Italian Graphic Designer

Logos are the identity of any brand. It is the first tool to attract potential customers and only things established customers would associate with. Having an impressive logo is essential to any business plan.

MasterCard And VISA: Are They Different Or Are They The Same? 

Italian graphic designer Emanuele Abrate is one such techie who took on some of the worst logos out there and gave redesign that is better than the original.

For Emanuele Abrate’s analysis of the original logo and the rationale behind the new design, you can visit his Behance. Here are some of his finest logo redesigns:

Instituto de Estudos Orientais

instituto de estudos orientais

Kuduwara Pharmacy

kuduwara pharmacy

Computer Doctors

computer doctors

Arlington Pediatric Center

arlington pediatric center

Mama’s Baking

mamas baking

Clinica Dental

clinica dental

Fire Prevention Products

fire prevention products

Safe Place

safe place

Office of Government Commerce (OGC)


Emanuele is making the world a little more beautiful by redesigning the worst logos. Currently, Emanuele teaches a brand and logo designing course called “Logo Hero.” It educates learners on everything that a professional designer should know. Also on his Instagram page Logofonts, he reveals what kind of fonts popular logos are using.

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The Worst Logos Ever Get Redesigned By Italian Graphic Designer

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