You Won’t Believe Taking ‘Selfies’ In These Places Are Against The Law

These days’ selfies have become ever more popular, as they are entertaining. They are a frenzy on social media, and if someone says that selfies are prohibited here it will be a big surprise and moreover, it is something which is very hard to accept as true. How anyone can ban this harmless little indulgence.

But, you won’t believe, but there are a few places in the world where the taking selfies have been forbidden. And yes certainly for a good reason! Here we bring you a list of places where taking a selfie can principally get you into serious trouble.

1. Colosseum, Rome


Colosseum has barred selfie sticks for two simple reasons, first being the space it takes and second, it may be hazardous for the delicate items kept there.

2. Disneyland, USA


In July 2015, Disneyland and Walt Disney World imposed a ban on the use of selfie sticks in the complete area of Disney parks and Disney world. However, earlier it was imposed only on rides in view of the fact that selfie sticks make it risky for the user as well as for other visitors too.

3. Garoupe, France


Garoupe imposes a ban on selfies just for the holiday season of two weeks in the month of August as officials want visitors to enjoy the beauty of beaches.

4. Lake Tahoe, California


Taking a selfie with bear in Lake Tahoe is not allowed as bears are not so fond of getting clicked and once they get irritated, they are merciless.

5. Lion Park, Johannesburg


There is a Lion Park in Johannesburg, where a visitor can walk with lions, pet them and click photos too but selfies with lions are not allowed since it can be dangerous for the visitor.

6. Lollapalooza Music Festival, Chicago


This summer music festival which takes place every year has banned selfie sticks along with other items such as aerosol cans, skateboards, and illegal drugs.

7. Mecca, Saudi Arabia


Selfies are banned in this religious place as such acts of self-worship are against Islam.

8. Pamplona, Spain


Taking selfie is banned during the festival of San Fermin in Pamplona, Spain as taking a selfie when a bull is running after you is dangerous for the photographer as well as other participants.

9. The Palace Museum, Beijing


The Palace Museum which is also famous as the “Forbidden City” has banned selfie sticks as the museum is a very crowded place where selfie sticks can harm other visitors and also they are a threat to the antiques kept in the museum.