Comedian Zakir Khan Hilariously Explains Us ‘Life Mein Chahiye Izzat’

zakir khan izzat

Since time immemorial, we’ve pursued materialistic luxuries like expensive clothing, jewelry, and, more recently, smartphones with a singular objective in mind: ‘Izzat’. If somebody tries to tell you otherwise, call them out on their bullshit. 

You don’t spend ₹5,000 on a plain white t-shirt for its exquisite fabric and unique design. You pay for the little crocodile on the breast pocket. In this video, Zakir Khan recounts his personal pursuit of ‘izzat-granting’ items including the universal rich kid badge: the iPhone. He goes on to explain how simply having ₹70K lying around the house doesn’t admit you into the elite club of iPhone owners.

You must go above and beyond, and the entire ordeal is just another level of intensity.

Do you agree with Zakir Khan?