Zodiac Signs Are More Than Just Horoscope, It Affects Your Sex Life Too

For many who feel their fate is in the stars, their zodiac sign can affect every aspect of their life.

Naturally, this includes your sex and romantic life as well. And though you might not read about those too much in your daily newspaper horoscopes, there are some truths that exist for people of every sign.

See yours below and learn what the stars have in store for your sexytime.


If you’re an Aries, you like things short and sweet. That’s right. You’re about the quickie. But what you lack in duration, you more than make up for with passion and intensity, and the thrill of fast sex!


Tauruses are quite the opposite, going for ridiculously long periods of time with slow and steady build-ups. Hey, there’s a reason that Tauruses have been referred to as sexual gods!


Geminis are known to be playful and fun, getting turned on in random, unexpected ways. So make sure that you listen to your urges, however slight, because they’re a big part of your sexual identity.


You’re the most romantic sign of the twelve, so you’ve got to put a little work in. Touching, kisses, and sultry glances are just as important as the act itself, so don’t skip them over, even if your partner’s in a hurry.


ROAR! Leo sex is dramatic and full of power and intensity. That might sound fun, but it’s not always practical. But when you can, set a scene and make yourself the star of it. It’s what you crave in your lovemaking.


Since Virgos are well-known for their productivity and industriousness, they actually tend to (seriously) do their lovemaking in work areas like kitchens or desks. They also tend to loosen up a lot once the clothes start to come off, so just embrace the transformation and try not to knock anything expensive off the desks.



Libra’s sign is the scale, so they’re about balance in all facets of life. For that reason, they’re looking for symmetry, which means that feelings of romance and pleasure are reciprocated between two (or more?) partners. It’s important for Libras to see and feel their feelings reflected in another.


Scorpios tend to be big teases in the bedroom. They draw things out, but that ultimately really elevates the levels of intimacy between the two. Without getting too explicit, friction and grabbing can be very useful once the intensity kicks up.


This is a sign known for sexual liberation, so you should bring your A-game! A big part of that is trying new things with the confidence that you’ll enjoy them. Or at least the other person will. You’re a sexual free spirit, so act like it.


Capricorns expect to put in effort for reward, so look for a relationship and tryst that’s athletic and romantic. You can do this by expending effort in the bedroom or looking for ways to engage during bouts, workouts, or activity.



You’ve got a great, wild imagination. Use it. You’ll require a partner who loves to let you roam, so to speak, or at least allows it. You thrive on fantasy, so don’t shy away from requests for exactly what you want.


You’re watery as a Pisces, so…stick to watery places. Tubs, swimming pools, showers, and the beach all are fertile ground (pardon the pun) for you and your partner.

Stick with your pedigree and you’re bound to have a wonderful time.

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