8 Life Lessons From Phoebe Buffay That Has Helped Us ‘All Too Well’

Perhaps, TV series ‘Friends’ has the most loyal audience. We have grown up seeing this TV series. The actors gave life to the characters and made us fall in love with the show. It’s been 11 years now that the sitcom came to an end, but it is still the most viewed among all. We love everything about all six friends and made them an integral part of our life.

One of the characters is Phoebe Buffay, played by Lisa Kudrow, whom we adore. Her unique dressing style, she takes on life and her love for friends made her one of my favorite characters. Could you imagine any other actress playing her role? The dedication with which she portrayed this easy, weird, funny, caring attitude made us love her even more.

However, did you know that through her character, the show spoke out on many life lessons? Life lessons that I want to share with you because they helped me overcome situations and maybe they will help you too.

1. Take Charge Of Your Life

Phoebe has always been about doing what she loves in life. She conquered her life and took charge, breaking free from the barriers that her life’s situations created for her. Phone’s life did not have a fairy tale beginning, her mom killed herself and she never knew her dad so she grew up on the streets, she mugged people for a living.

But she didn’t let this life take over her, she broke free from it by educating herself, she worked as a masseuse to make ends meet and she made friends with people out of her life’s comfort zone.

2. Be Yourself Always

This crazy lady has taught us that it is okay to be yourself. She made us understand that it is ok to be crazy and you do not have to hide it. A lot of times we don’t do things, as we are afraid of what people will think of us.

But Phoebe taught us that life is too short to live for anyone else but you. Like when she decided to have her brother’s triplets or jog in the park waving her hands above even though people were staring at her. Not only did she jog like a crazy person but she got Super-Conscious Rachel to join her as well. Rachel did say that it was liberating.

3. Be Spontaneous

Phoebe never really made plans for her life (That was Monica’s thing to do). She just went with the flow and adapted to the path that unfolded. For instance, when she was getting married to Mike, it suddenly starts to snow and Monica goes crazy because of the sudden plan change but Phoebe decides to get married in the snow and what a beautiful wedding that made.

Another significant time that she was spontaneous was when she lent Monica money to start her own catering company and then quit her well-paying masseuse job to become Monica’s partner in business. How often do you hear people make a total shift in their profession?

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4. Stop Killing Animals

Throughout the episodes, Phoebe had voiced out that it is a criminal offense to kill animals and eat it. She is against the killing of animals for food, cutting of trees for decoration, and skinning of animals for fur.

She knows she will have to debate her way through, but she is never afraid of that. In fact, when she was pregnant she had heavy cravings for meat but she tells Chandler “It doesn’t matter how much I am craving it, Y’know why I’m never going to eat meat? Because it’s murder, cold-blooded murder”

5. Dress For Yourself

Phoebe taught us that you wear anything you like and feel comfortable in it. Do not bother about what people think.  From hippy bohemian to classy black, from starfish clips to pom poms she was seen making some very interesting (putting it lightly) fashion statements.

6. Be Honest

Phoebe was all about honesty and believed that it was the only way forward. She voiced her opinion, be it about Monica’s habits, Ross’ paranoia, or Chandler’s jokes, she did the needful when the time came. In fact, in one episode when she goes to Ben’s (Ross’ son) school to sing, she sings to them about how if their grandma stopped visiting and their parents told them that their grandma went on a long holiday-Grandma probably died.

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7. Have Confidence In Yourself

In today’s world ‘Confidence’ is made of glass, the slightest thing can shatter our confidence and we spend the rest of our life trying to pick up the broken bits and gather ourselves. Phoebe never let that happen to her. She was dealt a hard game in life, she grew up on the streets but she did not let that affect her.

She bounced back up and believed in herself. She taught us that ‘self-love’ is the most important thing. She confidently rode her bike with trainer wheels, she sang smelly cat with confidence and she even made art like the horrific Gladis with confidence.

8. Follow Your Passion

This one just has to be the best lesson she taught us. She received a lot of criticism for her singing, especially when Monica refuses to hire her for her wedding but she stuck to it and enjoyed herself and went on to recording ‘Smelly Cat’ in a studio. Kudos to Phoebe for being herself!

There are a lot more things Phoebe has taught us like a selfless good deed, friends are an important part of living, unconditional love and the list goes on. If you see life through the eyes of Phoebe then you will see that life is not so complicated if you learn to see it with your heart.

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