28 Funny Bhojpuri Movie Titles That Will Make You Think Long And Hard!

funny bhojpuri movie titles

In the last decade, Bhojpuri movies have come a long way in terms of popularity. Bhojpuri movies have an even stronger hold in regions where the Bhojpuri language is not spoken. Even renowned Bollywood actors such as Amitabh Bachchan, Hema Malini, Shakti Kapoor, and the likes have featured in Bhojpuri movies.

A simple storyline with crowd-pleasing fight sequences and catchy songs are found in almost all of the commercial Bhojpuri movies. And not to forget the humor touch that is present, knowingly or unknowingly.

There is no denying the immense ability in the Bhojpuri movie industry. Bhojpuri films repudiate the conventional notion of rational thinking. Furthermore, these rib-tickling movie titles are proof of the previous statement. These titles are so inappropriate that they make you laugh out loud.

1. Ajab Deura Ki Gazab Bhaujai

ajab deura ki gazab bhouji

Sister-in-law or brother-in-law? Which is more fascinating?

2. Miya Anari Ba Biwi Khilari Ba

miya anari ba biwi khilari ba

The wife overshadows her husband.

3. Mehraru Chahi Milky White

meharu chahi milky white

Nothing else would do expect milky white.

4. Ganga Maiya Bharde Godiya Hamar

ganga maiya bhar de godiya hamar

The Ganges can do wonders.

5. Daagabaaz Balma

daagabaz balma

The untrustworthy lover.

6. Thok Deb

thok deb

Take care of yourself, Deb!

7. Ek Laila, Teen Chhaila

ek laila teen chhaila

One girl, three guys.

8. Daroga Babu I Love You

daroga babu i love you

It’s always good to be in the police force.

9. Kaisan Piyawa Ke Charitar Ba

kaisan piyawa ke charitar ba

Is it a question or a statement?

10. Deura Bada Satawela

deura bada satawela

It’s the brother-in-law, yet again.

11. Chhapra Express

chhapra express

Forget about Chennai Express.

12. Lehanga Main Baad Aail Ba

lahanga mein baad aail ba

There is a necessity for a dam.

13. Setting Baaj

setting baaj

He is the control panel.

14. Harami Kela

harami kela

The worst kind of banana.

15. Laila Maal Ba Chhaila Dhamaal Ba

laila maal ba chhaila dhamal ba

Made for each other.

16. Sali Badi Sataweli

sali badi sataweli

This time it’s the sister-in-law.

17. Pepsi Peeke Lagelu Sexy

pepsi peeke lagelu sexy

Coca Cola won’t be enough here.

18. Jeans Wali Bhauji

jeans wali bhauji

If she wears skirt, it’s a reject.

19. Ek Bihari Sau Pe Bhari

ek bihari sau pe bhari

The population growth of the area explained in one sentence.

20. Mehraru Bina Ratiya Kaise Kati

mehraru bina ratiya kaise kati

And there is no mobile data available as well.

21. Humke Daaru Naahi Mehraru Chahi

humke daaru nahin mehraru chahi

Because alcohol is bad for health.

22. Current Mare Goriya

current mare goriya

The solution to the electricity problems.

23. Yeh Raja Line Par Aaja

yeh raja line par aaja

A very humble request.

24. Humara Lahanga Ke Andar WiFi

hamara lehenga ke andar wifi

No more poor WiFi connectivity.

25. Yeh Balma Biharwala

yeh balma biharwala

Not from U.P. or Jharkhand.

26. Tohre Karan Gail Bhaisiya Pani Mein

tohre kaaran gaeel bhensiya paani mein

Nothing else. The buffalo was forced to go there.

27. Laila Maal Ba Chhaila Dhamaal Ba

laila maal ba chhaila dhamal ba

The perfect couple.

28. Pandit Ji Batai Na, Biyah Kab Hoi

pandit ji batayee na byaa kab hoyi

Only the priest knows about the wedding date.

If you know of such hilarious movie titles, do share it with us in the comment section.