These Youths Jam To ‘Hanuman Chalisa’ Outside Gurugram Cafe Every Tuesday

A video of a group of youths jamming the ‘Hanuman Chalisa’ outside a café in Gurugram every Tuesday has gone viral on the internet, earning praise from people.

These youths have decided to spend their Tuesday evenings exploring their spiritual side and the beauty of devotion.

Every Tuesday, they gather outside a café in Gurugram with their musical instruments, such as guitars and tablas, and jam the Chalisa of the ardent devotee of Lord Rama.

The jam is so good that people walking by the café often stop and listen to it. The devotion of these youths can be felt during their jamming. News agency ANI shared the video with the caption, “Haryana: Spiritual jamming by youths outside a cafe in Gurugram. Youths outside this cafe chant Hanuman Chalisa every Tuesday.”

Since being shared the video has garnered more than 9 lakh views and over 27,000 views. Twitter users in one word praised the youth for the initiative.

What are your thoughts about this spiritual jamming?

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