11 Signs That Prove You Are Jethalal From TMKOC

Jethalal Champaklal Gada is an iconic character played by Dilip Joshi in our favourite show, Taarak Mehta Ka Oltah Chasma. The resident of Gokuldham Society, Jethalal is the central character of our show. He is entertaining and inspiring, too.

Champaklal refers to Jethalal as Jethiya, Daya refers to him as Tapu ke Papa, and Babita calls him Jethaji. Jethalal has a huge crush on Babita and leaves no chance to flirt with her. No doubt that he is our favourite character.

So, here are the 11 signs to prove that you’re no different from Jethalal.

1. You love sleeping

Jethalal and sleep is a better love story than Notebook. He loves to sleep till late morning. Jethiya hates it when his father or wife wakes him up early.

2. You love tea

After waking up from a relaxing sleep, Jethalal loves to start his day with Masala tea made by Daya. A good tea will also make up his mood.

3. You hate annoying kids

Jethalal has another kind of rivalry with Goli. They can always be seen pulling each other’s legs. Jetha doesn’t feel right when a kid like Gogi is around him.

4. You are a foodie

Jethalal is a pure foodie. He loves to eat food prepared by his wife, Daya. He also has a separate place in his heart for Jalebi and Fafda. Besides that, he will never say no to spicy, flavourful food.

5. You have endless problems

Problems from Jetha’s life will never end. Right after solving a problem, a new problem enters Jethalal’s life. However, Jethalal also solves the problem cleverly.

6. You make everyone laugh

Even though Jethalal is surrounded by problems, he never fails to make others laugh through his innocence. He also cracks lame jokes sometimes and has a good sense of humour.

7. Unlimited simping on Crush

Jethalal is a simp! He never misses a chance to flirt with his crush, Babita. Whether it be giving random compliments or offering unnecessary help, he always rocks on.

8. You have a live-saving friend

Jethalal could not have dealt with all the problems if it had not been for his best friend, whom he calls his fire brigade, Tarak Mehta. Tarak is always by the side of Jethalal, no matter what. He offers help and advice. They are the definition of true friends.

9. You are careless and lazy

Jethalal is a careless and lazy guy. He forgets to pay the maintenance bill most of the time. He tries to avoid work as much as possible.

10. You get scolded by your father every time

Even though Jethalal is already a grown-up, he always gets scolded by his father. However, behind those scolds, there is the immense love of his father.

11. But you never fall behind your values and ethics

No matter what, Jethalal never does anything which is against the principles taught by his father. This is also a reason why Jethalal manages to be everyone’s favourite.

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