11 Ultimate Beers That Will Work As ‘Love Potion’ For Every Drinker

Sitting on the balcony with pleasant, breezy beach wind and a chilled beer in hand, it’s beautiful even to think of it, isn’t it? Well, ask the beer lovers, and they don’t care much about the surroundings when it comes to savoring the taste of their favorite beers.

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If you are also one of the people who just “laaaaaaav beer”, here’s a list of the best beer in the world, which should be on your bucket list to try whenever you get a chance!

1. Mirror Mirror

“Mirror Mirror” from the Deschutes Brewery is inspired by barley ale, fermented at 65 degrees, and aged for ten months. It is a paradise for those loving dark beer, for it contains 11.2% alcohol and its complex and satisfying taste made it the “World’s Best Dark Beer” of 2017.

2. Wisconsin Belgian Red

This sexy ruby red beer by New Glarus Brewing Co. is a cult and a must-to-try. It is brewed with Montmorency cherries, farmed wheat, and roasted barley along with Hallertau hops that are aged for one year. Its color and taste are sure to give you a beer-gasm!

3. Hoepfner Hefeweizen

If you are a fan of wheat beer, you need to try this award-winner for sure, for this 4.9% alcoholic top-fermented beer in wheat and barley malt and yeast, will not just deliver you your favorite taste but it will also take you to the fresh yellow wheat fields altogether!

4. Ann

Brewed in Hill Farmstead Brewery, the Ann beer is fermented in microflora. Containing 6.5% ABV, its specialty is its aroma and taste with elements of citrus and honey. Yummm!

5. Dunkel

Brewed by Hausen Bier, Dunkel consists of 4.8% alcohol and has a bitterness of 22 IBU. It is a must-try lager beer, and its prestige comes with the fact that it was awarded as the “World’s Best Lager Beer” of 2017.

6. Gose Gone Wild

Gose Gone Wild is a German-style sour wheat beer, brewed by Stillwater Artisanal Ales. Containing lots of Amarillo and Citra hops and being fermented with Brettanomyces yeast, it has an incredibly juicy and hoppy flavor.

7. Rodenbach Caractere Rouge

This beautiful Flemish red colored beer, brewed by Rodenbach Brewery, was awarded “World’s Best Flavored Beer” of the year 2017, thanks to it being rich in red fruits like cherries, cranberries, and raspberries.

8. Beer Geek Breakfast

The oatmeal stout beer is brewed by Mikkeller in Copenhagen, Denmark with 25% oat-based ingredients. But what makes it extra special is the lingering flavor of gourmet coffee, which also leads to it being named “Breakfast”. Try in breakfast to enjoy its flavor to the peak, probably!

9. Oude Gueuze

The sparkling amber gold Oude Gueuze by Oud Beersel is blended with a one-year-old fermented lambic along with two years and three-year-old lambic that contribute to its great taste, leading it to win the “World’s Best Sour Beer” Award.

10. Grassroots Brother Soigne

Containing an ABV of 5% and brewed by Hill Farmstead Brewing Co., the refreshing taste of this beer with elements of blood orange, hibiscus and lime will take you back to your farm memories. Its tart flavor makes it a must to try!

11. Grisette Blonde Sans Gluten Bio

Brewed by St. Feuillien and winner of “World’s Best Specialty Beer” of 2017, this is a very light ale with a distinct aroma of the richness of its intense flavor of bitterness. It does not undergo any form of biochemical treatment and hence is gluten-free. Yay for fitness freaks!

Happy Drinking!  And don’t forget to share your experience of trying these magical ales. Cheers!

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