10 Uncharacteristic ‘Micronations’ You Would Never Think Would Exist

A micronation is a small nation consisting of one or more persons. They are called micronations because of the small area and population. And yes, there are many micronations present that we don’t hear on the news.

Here are a few micronations around the world that will take you by surprise. But these micronations can be preferably termed a small family only because of their tiny area. Besides being tiny, they are also weird for a number of reasons.

Let’s find out why. Shall we?

1. The Kingdom of Talossa


This kingdom came into existence when the 14-year-old Robert Ben Madison thought it was the right time to get his own country. He might just have woken up one morning and decided that it was time he appointed himself as the king and declared Talossa his new kingdom.

It is considered to be one of the oldest micronations founded in 1980 and is still in existence. The best part is however that this empire claims several places across the world as its own, such as the Milwaukee – as the greater Talossian part, and so on.

However, it is important to note that neither of such claims has ever been officially recognized by the individual nations or the United Nations themselves.

2. The Principality of Sealand


A bizarre fact about this micronation is that this entire self-declared state consists of HM Fort Roughs, which is an offshore platform.

Yes, this micronation rests on a platform. The platform is located off the coast of Suffolk, England in the North Sea. It was built during World War II as an anti-air defensive program.

Paddy Roy Bates, the creator of this micronation, claims that it is an independent state and lives in the HM Fort Roughs along with his family and associates. Today there is a government website dedicated to this micronation.

Ignoring the legal rights, which were never given to this empire, Bates and his family continue to maintain it as if it were their own. However, the founder Bates, moved to Essex’s mainlands when he became elderly.

3. Province of Bumbunga


This province situated in Australia, goes by the anthem “God save the Queen”. It came into existence on March 29, 1976.

This is another small break away from the first world country, Australia. In fact, it was founded by a British immigrant named Alex Brackstone when Australia was turning against the monarchy in the last century.

Alex Brackstone used to be a monkey trainer at the circus, a postmaster, and also a Uranium prospector. The Bumbunga land which he declared as a micronation, was 4 hectares in area. Upon these lands, he tried to recreate the Australian map with strawberry patches, as a sign of revolt. But those patches dried up due to drought.

The province also issued its own stamps, which even though were of no use to the general masses, became collectibles for the enthusiasts.

4. Ladonia


This is among the newest micronations which came into existence in June 1996. It was founded by Lars Vilks and the local authorities when they ran into a dispute over two sculptures. The man apparently had painted his sculpture ‘Nimis’ by going into a remote region of the Southern Sudan, which was accessible only through waterways and hiking roads.

But when the authorities became aware of this, they destroyed his sculpture. The poor artist then had no other way than to fight it in the court. Even though he lost his last appeal too, he entered the new micronation of Ladonia and called it his own. He also said that this place henceforth will trade only in creative expressions.

The people staying here claim to be nomads and anyone can become a citizen of this land of the artists.

5. The Grand Duchy of Avram


This micronation was founded by John Charlton Rudge during the early 1980s.

It is located in Tasmania but is a separate micronation of its own. Since then the nation has an absolute monarchy and is ruled by Rudge, who calls himself “The Grand Duke of Avram”.

The greatest controversy of this province was that the Duke never claimed any territory, but opened up a financial institute “The Royal Bank of Avram” inside a gift shop. He then went on to ask all the people of Avram to exchange their currency with the coins issued from the Royal Bank.

Unavoidably, the Duke was dragged to court several times by the Government of Australia. It is claimed that the Australian Government has spent 22 million dollars in the process while the Duke has spent only 175 dollars.

6. Kugelmugel


This is perhaps one of the smallest micronations of the world, located inside a big ball-shaped house. Looking from outside, a passerby might not even be able to guess that it claims to be an independent nationality all by itself.

This is another case wherein an artist had disputes with the authorities. Apparently artist Edwin Lipburger was having issues with the local authorities of Austria over building permits in this ball-shaped structure which was moved by the authorities in the suburbs of Lower Austria.

This house was later barbed with fences. It became its own address. Lipburger refused to pay his taxes to the Austrian Government and also made his own stamps – which cost him jail time.

It is funny to think that this nation consists of only a person – the founder himself. It has now become a tourist attraction.

7. North Dumpling Island


Dean Kamen is the owner of this island along the vicinity of Long Island, New York, and northern South Dumpling Island.

The founder, Kamen, refers to this island as the “Kingdom of North Dumpling”. Sounds like a kingdom straight out of the children’s’ fairytale book.

It is 2 acres in area and is owned by Kamen himself. In case you were wondering, this is the same Kamen who invented the Human Segway Transporter. The island draws its electrical power from wind and solar power now and operates as an independent electrical grid.

The island was bought by Kamen in 1986 and immediately after that, he got into a controversy with the authorities for building a wind turbine there. He “seceded” and made this place his own nation, with its own navy, flag, currency, and national anthem – written by Paul Lazarus, the Broadway director who is also the Minister of Brunch of the nation. He also had the then President G.W. Bush, who was also a friend of his, sign a “non-aggression” pact.

8. Grand Duchy of Westartica


This country simply exists because of its natural land dispute.

It is located between the claimed lands of Chile and New Zealand and no country has claimed it because of its remoteness. One day an American called Travis McHenry, came to know about this place. He then seized this place and gave it the name “Westartica” on November 2, 2001.

Ever since then, this place was buzzing among enthusiasts who were excited about becoming a part of this “cool” new country. Anyone can become a citizen of this country even now.

But the founder eventually turned to Christianity and had to turn down his throne. After that many rose to claim the throne, and some disturbances occurred due to which McHenry had to resume being the owner of the throne.

9. Empire of Austenasia


It is a self-declared micronation based out of the United Kingdom. The main thing that governs this region is a constitutional monarchy. Among other micronations, this one is different because it is recognized by Vikesland and many other such micronations.

It is by far one of the most recent micronations which came into existence on the 20th of September, 2008. It is ruled by Jonathan Austen, who declared himself and his father Terry as the Emperors.

The country has just now expanded to five territories around it and they are very serious about their sovereignty. So this is not one of those countries where you can get citizenship at any time. They have made dozens of acts of parliament. You can visit their country only after contacting them beforehand.

10. Wirtland


Wirtland is a house situated in Westmoreland Country, Virginia, United States.

It was basically a house that was owned by the former US Attorney General William Writ. Then it came to be inherited by his son William Writ Junior. But the quality of this house clearly represents the Gothic revival house structure of that period.

The house itself is two-storeyed but it has a 15-acre park surrounding it. Actually the nation came into place in the virtual world only in the year 2008, when people wanted something to uphold the epitome of peace, whilst other nations were fighting wars over boundaries.

The motto of Wirtland is to unite all people under the governance of one banner – which is also the reason that just about anyone can gain the citizenship of this micronation. They do not need any recognition from other states as their very first article states – “The political existence of the state is independent of recognition by the other states”.

Even though it is under a Chancellor right now, it dreams of becoming a Parliamentary Democracy someday.