15 Most Painful And Over-The-Top Places You Can Get Tattoos On

People are getting tattoos because they consider it as expressing their inner selves. More people are considering to get at least one tattoo at some point in their lives. Tattoos are trending and people are getting creative with its placement. However, whilst getting the tattoos, there are some places that hurt more than others.

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1. Tattoo on your tongue

You should reward these people for this creativity, but it is necessary to admit that the end result is pretty cool–tongue tattoos seem a real cool idea. But just think about how painful regular tattoos are, and here adding the sensitivity of your tongue into same equation is a bit terrifying.

2. Tattoo on eyes

I am afraid to even look at this one without squealing. Seriously. What kind of a maniac would let a tattoo needle interact their eye in this way. This is something straight out of some kind of horror movie. No thanks, I’m not interested.

3. Tattoo on teeth

If you ever thought it was hard to get out the plaque, imagine just trying to deal with permanent ink. For whatever the reason here, there is a small yet prominent number of people who would like to tattoo their teeth. Talk about a bizarre choice to make!

4. Black-light tattoo

Finally something that I would say isn’t terrifying– sort of. These tattoos require a black light in order to get to be seen, and they are made with a combination of various types of UV inks in order to create this wonderful awesome effect, that is almost invisible to the naked eye.

5. Very cleverly done scalp tattoo

Some people who gone bald, might still want a little something left on top. This genius tattooing involves simply putting a mimic tattoo of leftover hair onto your scalp, and the effect is actually really cool. Look yourself.

6. Armpits

Another extremely painful spot to get a tattoo in is your armpit. This is because of how sensitive that area is. Despite this, increasing number of daredevils get tattoos under their armpits now-a-days. These are sure to leave you crying as hell out in pain!

7. Downstairs tattoo

You’d have to be insane to get some tattoo done there, on the most sensitive part of male body– but for whatever reason, a few people actually do get tattoos on their gen***ls. It’s hard to think of something that would be more painful.

8. V-jayjay tattoo

Don’t worry, there’s also a female equivalent of the tattoo we discussed in above point. Why they do this? Who knows, but you are always free to do whatever you like with your own body.

9. Ear tattoo

Let’s dial it back a few steps, move away from the idea of getting a tattoo on your sensitive organs. Instead, how about getting tattoo inside of your ear? Fair warning though, this is pretty darn painful as well.

10. On you skull tattoo

Interestingly, this is one stands to be one of the most painful places on our entire list. It’s permanent decision that you will have to live with for entirety of your life, and entire process will hurt like hell. Skull tattoos definitely belong on our list of weird places to get a tattoo.

11. On the side of foot tattoo

An interesting place to get a tattoo is on the side of your foot. It won’t hurt quite as much as those previous entries, and side of your foot is usually hidden at most times when going about your daily routine.

12. Rib cage tattoo

Rib cage tattoos are pretty trendy in current year, & have begun to catch on with many celebrities. They hurt though, a lot, but are quite a pretty decent place to get a tattoo– much less severe than others on this list.

14. Weirdly stealthy

This one is kinda weird spot for girls or guys who have enough long hair.

15. Your inner lip

This is another very trendy, yet somewhat weird place to get a tattoo. The inside of your lip is not as painful as some of the https://www.bodydelsol.com/prednisone-for-sale/ severe choices on this list, but can still hurt quite a bit. It’s also prone to fading away much quicker than it would on other parts of your body.