These Nepali Girls Answer Awkward Questions Guys Are Too Afraid To Ask

Men and women communicate differently, with some awkward questions, meaning we rely on context and inference to figure things out.

Men and women communicate in totally different ways, with some awkward questions, which means we rely on context and inference to figure out what’s on each other’s minds. While it shouldn’t be this way, and we should all feel comfortable opening up to each other honestly and directly, that doesn’t always happen.

If you were offered the chance to read minds, would you take it? Despite the consequences, I would. Nepali girls, in general, are curious creatures, and guys are the biggest mystery. So even if you ask them these questions, they’ll probably shrug them off or give the general, “I don’t know” or “You wouldn’t understand.”

Guys and girls will never fully understand each other, and maybe it’s just inappropriate to ask, but here are some awkward questions, and probably many other girls would love to get some genuine answers, so we got them. So, from the perspective of real guys, here’s a sneak peek into the male brain.

Our friend Kripss and her friends talk about the most common awkward questions guys ask girls.

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