8 Unbelievably Bizarre Things Nepalese Guy Does After Joining The Gym

Staying healthy is indispensable for living a better life. However, some people just don’t get the difference between staying fit and making fool of themselves. Gym is an interesting place that you never leave you bored. Look around your gym and you will always find someone that will make your giggle with their actions.

Similarly, the Nepalese fitness scenario is no different. There are too many show-offs. Here are 8 awfully weird things Nepalese guys does in after signing that gym membership contract.

1. Cool dude with the headset

Even though the gym management has installed big speakers for music, this guy is obligated to use his headset and strike a pose for a selfie in the mirror. That’s pretty much the rule.

2. Run… Run… Run…


OMFG! This guy runs in the treadmill like there’s no tomorrow and a hot girl is calling his name at the other end.

3. Cap on, tight vest, and Shorts


That’s the approved uniform. I don’t see the point of wearing a cap indoors!

4. Really, Yoga Pants?


Guys roaming around the gym in tight yoga pants are inhumane. Let the ladies have that spandex.

5. The Annoying Sounds He Makes


You are lifting 10 kilos and your ‘Ahhhhhaaa….Ohhhhhh’ makes everyone else around you think you are lifting a 100 kilos. Just keep you excited to yourself.

6. Chewing Gum


Chewing the gum for no reason whatsoever, and carrying that 2.5 kilos dumbbell from one corner to another makes you look even dumber.

7. Self-Proclaimed Trainer

Every time a hot chick joins the gym, you don’t have to come and teach her. Leave her alone. She doesn’t need your expert advice on how to tone her thighs.

8. Diet Plan


There is basically, no need to discuss the 6 boiled eggs or bananas you had before hitting the gym. Your diets don’t reflect upon your body.

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8 Unbelievably Bizarre Things Nepalese Guy Does After Joining The Gym

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