10 Ordinary Things You Won’t Believe You’re Forbidden In North Korea

Count yourself lucky. You are reading this article in your country and not in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. The dictator-ruled nation of 29 million people is infamously known as the Hermit Kingdom for the reason obvious.

It is one of the most secluded countries in the world. North Korea has its own unique calendar that originated from the birth of its eternal leader, Kim Il Sung, the founder of the Republic.

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North Korea has banned ordinary things that people in other parts of the world take for granted. Your freedom is at the mercy of the state authority. Even you are forbidden to watch television besides the state broadcasted national channel.

The internet is totally filtered and you can browse only what the state wants you to surf. The whole world is going through is religious conflict, and North Korea has no state religion, you have to be an Atheist. Forget about making a Skype call from North Korea, even your regular ISD call is prohibited.

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The state of North Korea handpicks citizens who are deemed eligible to live in the capital Pyongyang. Unless you work for the government you don’t have the liberty to drive cars.

You are only allowed to consume alcohol on specific holidays that are allocated by the government. The whole of the nation functions upon the ideology of Juche, and you are required by law to follow it unconditionally.


Share with us if you know of any absurd prohibition in your country. We are sure it is not as harsh as they are in North Korea.