Buzzativ is constantly exploring for new content, therefore, we continually search for new writers too. We’re not just another social website, not just another lackluster content site, not just another news feed. We are revolutionary innovative.

Your stories should be heard, shared, cherished, and communicated. We persistently look out for contributors who share our belief that good content merits attention.

Why should I write for Buzzativ?

Methodical Answer: If content is King, we are building a Kingdom!

Straightforward Answer: Long story short, your content will get the viral traction it deserves.

What materials can you contribute on Buzzativ?

Let’s be honest here. We don’t want thoughtless dull content! You can write on the topics listed below, but you are not just limited to these set topics. Seriously, you can go as far as your imagination can take you.

1) Articles, Pictures,Videos.

2) Entertainment, Lifestyle, Humor.

3) Technology, People, Places, Facts.

4) Anything You Think Weird or Viral Worthy.

5) Stories About Nepal and Nepalese.

What you earn from contributing?

Not just monetary incentives, you earn the interest of thousands of eager readers every day. For every article you will contribute for Buzzativ, you will receive payment depending on the quality of article and knowledge of the writer. You get paid for 500+ words articles you write but should be strictly non-plagiarized content.

Basic Rate : NPR 35 per 100 words

Milestone 500 : NPR 175 + NRS 25*

After 500: Every 100 words +NPR 25**

*upon reaching 500 words you will receive NPR 25 as a bonus.
**for articles longer than 500 words we calculate 175 as basic rate + 25 for every 100 words thereafter, eg. 800 words = NPR 250.

If you think you can write for us keeping our style up, feel free to fill in your application below.

Buzzativ is waiting for you, so don’t hesitate and write for us.

Sounds good, how can I contribute?

Simply email us with your writing to buzzativ[at]

When will my content get publish ?

After emailing us with relevant content, our team will review on that and when your content get successfully reviewed we will publish your content.

That’s all folks!