6 Words Women Say Casually But May Have Serious Consequences For Men

You can read the entire available books or browse through the pages of all of the internet, but you will never be able to understand the womankind. The almighty Google wouldn’t give you an answer whilst you try to figure it out, it will leave you much more confused.

Understanding women is a mystery that even some of the great minds of the past were not able to crack. The more you attempt to understand her, the more confusion you get yourself into. When you think you done plentiful to solve the enigmatic question, she will prove you wrong just like that. And you will be left stranded at the same point where you started. It is an entire truth that every man and woman alike needs to enchant cheerfully or reluctantly.

This article is solely an effort to assist you in understanding women and a simpler way of saying they are a difficult creature altogether. What they say may perhaps not essentially be what they mean and vice versa. Confused? Well, you are not alone and this post will serve you to have a basic handbook.

1. Fine isn’t fine at all.


2. Nothing is not ‘zilch.’


3. Go ahead is not a green signal.


4. Whatever is not the end.


5. It’s surely not okay.


6. WOW! is not a compliment.


Now, do you feel you would better understand women?

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6 Words Women Say Casually But May Have Serious Consequences For Men

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