10 Things You Can Absolutely Relate To If You Grew Up With A Brother

Brother was your first friend and has always been a pillar of support in times of need. There have also been times of pulling each others’ legs and days of arguments complementing the unending love.

So, we bring to you a list of things to rewind the time and remember how it felt like growing up with a brother!

1. You Are The First To Know Your Brother’s Secrets!

2. You Felt Safe, Knowing That Your Elder Brother Always Has Your Back!


3. When You Accidentally Break Your Brother’s Favorite Record!


4. You Could Dress Like This Only When Your Brother Is Out Of Town!

growing-up-with-a-brother21_kidsstoppress (1)

5. Thanks To Your Brother, You Now Enjoy Cricket!


6. Raksha-Bandhan Is The Only Day You And Your Brother Do Not Fight!


7. This Is What Your Boyfriend Thinks About Your Brother!


8. And Your Boyfriend’s Reaction, When He Is Finally Approved By Your Brother.

9. The dance That You Rehearsed A Million Times For Your Brother’s Wedding


10. Your Newborn Gels Along With Your Brother, Just The Way You Do


I hope that it turned back the time for you! If you could remember more, then share your experiences in the comments below!