10 Times Nepali Movies That Got Highly Influenced By Bollywood Films

For centuries Nepal has been following in the footsteps of India, knowingly or unknowingly. The Indian influence is visible over the Nepalese economic, cultural, and social scenarios. It won’t be inaccurate to say Nepal has eerily born a resemblance to India in every aspect of life.

Even before the times of Prithivi Narayan Shah to date, India has a substantial impact on political and cultural traits in every nooks and corner of the Nepalese lifestyle. Call it a blessing or a misfortune; this is the Nepalese reality.

Going on with the tradition, the Nepalese Film Industry, notably named as Kollywood, has always been under inspiration from Bollywood. Even the Nepalese audience knew it upfront which Bollywood movie the upcoming Kollywood movie is inspired from. However, the lack of selections available in Nepalese film made the audience compelled to watch the movie nonetheless.

How many of Nepalese movie are you aware of that were inspired, we are politically correct here. Look no further, as we have compiled ten popular Nepalese films that have been a copy-paste entertainment from Bollywood.

1. ‘Anari’ as ‘Chor’

chor anari

Karishma Kapoor starer movie ‘Anari’ has been replicated by Rajesh Hamal and Bipana Thapa in the movie ‘Chor.’ From screenplay to music to script, the movie is exactly copied. We didn’t expect this from you, Rajesh dai!

2. ‘Ishq’ as ‘Dhadkan’

ishq dhadkan

The director of ‘Dhadkan’ should not have wasted time on pre-post production, instead should have just worked on Nepali subtitles for the movie ‘Ishq.’

3. ‘Duniya Dilwalon Ki’ as ‘Darpan Chhaya’

duniya dilwalo ki darpan chaya

Duniya Dilwalon Ki was a box-office failure, whereas Darpan Chhaya was a super-hit movie featuring Niruta Singh. My childhood has been a lie.

4. ‘Diljale’ as ‘Aago’

diljale aago

Mr. Director and Mr. Producer of Aago, we hear that Aago-2 in the pipeline. Which movie is going to your inspiration this time?

5. ‘Saugandh’ as ‘Hero’

saugandh hero

Rajesh dai, I wasn’t expecting to mention your name yet again on this list. Disappointed.

6. ‘Hogi Pyar Ki Jeet’ as ‘Jindagani’

hogi pyar ki jeet jindagani

With the borrowed concept from Hogi Pyaar Ki Jeet, Jindagani did exceptionally well in Nepal.

7. ‘Jaisi Karni Waisi Bharni’ as ‘Sukha Dukha’

jaisi karni waisi bharni sukha dukha

The Govinda starer Jaisi Karni Waisi Bharni didn’t do well in the box-office. Whereas, on the other hand, the same story plot did brilliantly with Madan Krishna starer in Sukha-Dukha.

8. ‘Meri Jung’ as ‘Ghayal’

meri jung ghayal

Even Meri Jung has been copied from a Tamil movie. Ghayal copies from already a copied movie.

9. ‘Jab We Met’ and ‘Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam’ as ‘Bidaai’

jab we met bidaai

Bidaai is a lethal combo of two Bollywood blockbuster movies.

10. ‘Taal’ as ‘Kismat’

taal kismat

Even the dialogue delivery is copied from Taal on Kismat.

If you know of any other Nepalese movies that were influenced by its Bollywood counterpart, do share it with us in the comment section down below.