September 18, 2020

11 Mysterious Bollywood Movies That Kept Us Guessing Till The Very End

It keeps bind you on your seat, you make all the possible guess and when none of them turn out to be true, it simply blows your mind. These 11 mysterious Bollywood films keep us guessing until the end:

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1. Gupt (1997)

Bobby Deol’s character seems to be the murderer and we soon realize it wasn’t him who killed the guy. The end of this movie is simply shocking and executed brilliantly by the director.

2. Kahaani (2012)

A pregnant woman (Vidya Balan)  in Kolkata searching for her missing husband. She also involved in the police investigation but it was the main key to this mystery. The end of the movie leaves the audience shocked.

3. Kaun (1999)

The film starts with an innocent girl who is waiting for her parents to get back home but a mysterious stranger knocks on the door. The movie soon changes into a mystery and nobody can guess who is the real villain.

4. Drishyam (2015)

The Ajay Devgan’s family is covering up the murder of a boy. The audience is constantly trying to solve the mystery of the murder done by his daughter. And the end blows your mind and how!

5. Samay: When Time Strikes (2003)

There’s a serial killer and the police are racing against time to catch him before he did the next murder. By the time the police figures it out, it’s already too late. The murderer is revealed at the very end and it leaves the viewer shocked.

6. Ajnabee (2001)

An innocent man is framed for a murder that he never committed and now has to prove his innocence. As the story unfolds, the main villain comes out and the twist, in the end, changes the viewer’s cognition completely.

7. A Wednesday (2008)

A man was helping the terrorist to escape from police custody. The police and the audience are trying to figure out what his motives are but that isn’t revealed until the very end.

8. Talaash (2012)

Aamir Khan playing a police officer role in this movie who has handled a case and he receives help from a girl (Kareena Kapoor). The case solved in the very end with a twist that was quite shocking for many.

9. Ugly (2014)

The story is about kidnapped a girl, who was kidnapped in the middle of the day from a car. Her father and stepfather are looking for her, The end will leave you well-shocked.

10. 100 Days (1991)

A woman who can see the future but the plot will become stronger when her sister goes missing. The mystery of her death and the identity of the killer will keep you bind to your seat until the movie ends.

11. Manorama Six Feet Under (2007)

A woman hired a detective for her husband’s affair case in Rajasthan. He starts the investigation in the same manner but as he goes deeper in the case, the web of lies complicates him completely.

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