September 21, 2020

12 Undergarment Blunders That Every Women Should Absolutely Avoid

Women are very much mindful of the way they dress. They are completely aware of their dress sense and knows what to wear and what to avoid. It is commonplace for women to shop for hours in order to get that perfect fit.

For the incredulity of men, women know exactly what looks good on them. Nevertheless, women often make mistakes when it comes to undergarments. Although these blunders might look subtle, women should make it a habit to avoid them.

It might be due to fashion trends that women are pressurized to buy into things that are uncomfortable. Undergarments are sometimes neglected in terms of a fashion statement and that might be the reason why women tend to disregard these mistakes.

1. Women often tend to wear a black bra with a white shirt, avoid at any cost.

2. Very important to get bras with breathable fabric. Avoid wearing uncomfortable bras.

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3. If you are someone who stays outdoors most of the time, avoid black bra as it absorbs more heat.

4. With backless dress only wear a skin-colored bra that blends well with the dress

5. Make sure you are wearing panties whose lines are not visible

6. Don’t wear fitted cups just to make your bust appear bigger

7. Avoid wearing tight push-up bras, as they tend to leave a cut line on shoulders

8. Know your correct bra size

9. If you are into transparent dresses, use only skin-colored underwear

10. Sleep without your underwear as wearing thorough out would suffocate your body

11. Use different types of underwear as appropriate

12. Although shape-wears are the latest trend, try to use as less frequently as possible

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