January 19, 2021

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While mass media wasn’t looking, youths turned into a connected collective with enormous influence. They demand attention, representation, and preference while rejecting those who ignore them.

While they take pride in being part of igniting change, they have a stronger sense of self than any generation before them. They defy stereotypes, choosing to be fun junkies, techheads, foodies, thinkers, activists, entertainers, culture makers, and more. They are global in every way but what excites them most are contemporary local stories.

Buzzativ gets this, and that’s why we’re besties with youths.

Daily Visitors
18-34 Years
Southern Asia

Source: Google Analytics


Buzzativ helps you discover the most interesting stuff on the web, just like your friend who spends way too much time on the internet. Sometimes, that stuff comes from brands and advertisers. We work with partners to create native, display, and bespoke content that is valuable to our consumers.

We love our readers at Buzzativ, and we take their trust seriously. They are smart, discerning, really good-looking, and come to us directly for the stories, videos, and news that matter to them. Building the best user experience is crucial, and we’ve found it’s also the best approach for our brand partners. We tell brand stories. Stories that fit perfectly with our culture, stories that are actually interesting enough to be shared.

In short, we make ads that work. And we’re looking for partners who want the same.

Custom Native Content

What we do best! Our in-house creative team works with brands and agencies to create articles aligned with relevant brand objectives, themes and campaigns. The content is designed for sharing and to resonate strongly with your target audience. All custom articles are published on our website for easy discovery alongside the day’s most popular news and entertainment stories.

Social Discovery

Social networks are where millennials discover and consume news and information. But its also where your brand stories compete with pop culture. Buzzativ excels at creating sticky stories that immediately get noticed and instantly shared. We rely on strong data, not intuition to inform story content and propel social discovery, thus effectively guaranteeing engagement for your brand.

Display Adverts

Among the more ‘visual’ online advertising formats are display ads. They are called this because they, generally, contain images or videos and are published on designated places within any given website.

What makes
so special?

All our ideas for your brand have to be delicious enough to be worthy-of-being-on-Buzzativ. And that means we’re as invested as you are in making sure that we get only the most awesome ideas out there for your brand.