What Is Kardashev Scale And Where Does Human Civilization Fit Into This?

Almost everyone wonders about our existence; are we real or just encoded numerals in a complex mechanism. I don’t know about everyone, but this rings a bell of curiosity. In 2010, I first started hearing and watching many UFO conspiracy theories that people claimed to be true to some extent. Some just made the fussy statement to seek attention.

But, setting aside all these conspiracies, we can’t deny that we humans, unable to understand the hidden mysteries of our star system, cannot have any bold claims that there isn’t anyone out there. And this is the topic that I love to chase all the time. I start off watching some “what-if” videos seeking to learn more about these mysteries, and the flow continues until my phone requests to charge itself.

It’s interesting to know about the secrets but, Imagining these mysteries in the head is something more satisfying and exciting. Imagine, what if all of a sudden alien predators attack our planet or just some friendly alien ships of “arrival” start to appear? Are we ready to face the dangers? Why did these aliens arrive at our planet out of nowhere and of all these planets’.

Well, this unexpected deadly or homely arrival would surely put a full stop to one question, i.e., “are we alone?”. The concept that associates these intriguing questions about alien intelligence depends upon the amount of energy consumption by any civilization in this universe. The civilizations are broadly categorized into five types as measured according to the Kardashev scale.

Meaning the civilization with the highest energy consumption in this universe is the most technologically advanced and dominant. So far, our civilization has come no way close to TYPE I. That makes us wonder that there might be alien civilizations far advanced than ours. If there are any, then is it good to trigger the radio signals exposing our location out in this universe? Still, we aren’t sure if there any aliens, so hoping for them to visit us would be something deadly or homely event to be part of.

But, exposing our location sending signals may be a stupid way. We never know if there are any aliens; if any, we cannot be sure that they’ll be friendly and behave exactly like us. This topic questions us that if we are destructive to our species and the planet with no purpose, why would aliens be friendly towards us?