Did Women In Ancient India Wore See-Through Skirts & High Heels?

ancient indian women high heels

The West would like us to believe that they introduced fashion into India. It is apprehended as a historical fact that when Vasco da Gama landed on the Indian coast in 1498 AD mainstream fashion also entered India. But would you believe that Indian women were already wearing high heels in the 13th century? Yes, you read it correctly. And you can witness the unbelievable fashion Indian women were following centuries before European settled in India.

Konark temple, dedicated to Sun God, was built more than 750 years ago in Odisha, India. And some of the figurines sculptured in the temple complex can be seen wearing see-through skirts with high-heeled shoes. Also, one can identify these women holding portable mirrors with them. It was only after 1600 AD that European women started to wear high heels for beauty purposes.

Some Tamil classics detail the procedure for makeup for women, to the extent of describing the process for preparing eyeliners.  Even Prime Minister Narendra Modi has talked about this phenomenal temple.

What do you believe that Indian women in the 13th century wore high heels?