October 28, 2020

30 Most Beautiful Plus-Size Models In The World

Size does matter, or size doesn’t matter, it’s your preference. Our society has a preconceived notion of beauty standards, and being plus-size doesn’t fall under the norms. There is a real struggle for women to fit into the societal framework of being ‘perfect’ and in a specific shape. The ideal would be skinny, tall, and flawless, but it is not always achievable.

With the emergence of plus-size models on fashion ramps all over the world, they are teaching us to admire our bodies just the way they are. Although, ‘lean and thin’ still are considered the most desirable body type, plus size fashion is catching up.  It’s about time we see beauty for what it is and not what we think it should be. And today, we will talk about a few women who are taking the lead and are at the prime of their modeling game.

According to well-established measurements, a plus-size woman is someone who has a size of 12 or up. Even for being a plus-size model, there are requirements that you need to meet. Primarily, your waist must be 10 inches smaller than your hips. Despite the baseless shaming and prejudice, these women have chased careers in modeling, despite what society, or even what the world of modeling itself, considers ‘model material.’

They’ve broken down barriers. They’ve showcased their true selves. And they see no reason to give in to unrealistic expectations to satisfy a market saturated with unreasonable biases. Step aside, stereotypes. Each of these curvy, plus-size models are not just smoking hot, but more importantly, they come from a place of depth which recognizes the beauty and chooses to go despite the odds. These plus-sized models have taken center stage, and they see no purpose to stand down.

Jennie Runk

jennie runk

Ekaterina Zharkova

ekaterina zharkova

Ashley Graham

ashley graham

Bishamber Das

bishambar das

Carly Stone

carly stone

Tara Lynn

tara lynn

Denise Bidot

denise bidot

Iskra Lawrence

iskra lawrence

Hunter McGrady

hunter mcgrady

Silvia Rho

silvia rho

Justine LeGault

justin legault

Nadia Aboulhosn

nadia aboulhosn

Stephanie Viada

stephanie viada

Graciela Montes

graciela montes

Ashley Alexiss

ashley alexiss

Candice Huffine

candice huffine

Anastasia Vinigradova

anastasia vinigradova

Bianca Mitsuko Davies

bianca mitsuku davies

Vanessa Romo

vanessa romo

Saffi Karina

saffi karina

Emilee Peer

emilee peer

Johanna Dray

johanna dray

Grisel Paula

grisel paula

Melissa Masi

melissa masi

Alexxa D’Alessio

alexxa dalessio

Cleo Fernandes

cleo fernandes

Kris Yeo

kris yeo

Juliya Lavrova

juliya lavrova

Danielle van Grondelle

danielle van grondelle

Did we miss someone who you think should be part of this list? Let us know by dropping in a text in the comment section below.

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30 Most Beautiful Plus-Size Models In The World

Size does matter, or size doesn’t matter, it’s your preference. Our society has a preconceived notion of beauty standards, and being plus-size doesn’t fall...

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