Girls Clothes Blown Off Prank Will Leave You Entertained To The Fullest

We all know that pranks play a vital role in our life, we have a lot of people and stuff in our lives that can take us to depression and work pressure, but no one can make you laugh and happy. So to make someone laugh and happy for few minutes, think they are the best person in your life. Roman Atwood is one of the biggest pranksters on YouTube, and to the extent, he took the pranks is admirable. This time he came up with girls’ clothes being blown off a joke, which is sexy and enjoyable.

This guy has planned this prank with two beautiful girls who stand aside from the road, and people are passing by, and suddenly a man come, and he blows up heavily, and girls clothes blown off prank came into the picture.

When the clothes get removed from the body, he asked the last passerby, that did you do it and the answer is no, your sneeze did it. When you look at the video, you will laugh repeatedly. one big guy with a maroon cap started praising the girls that you have nice butts.

One of the passersby, a lady in a black dress, got shocked, and she asked Roman Atwood that you did it and you are the magician, and he said, I didn’t; you must have done it. So this fantastic clothes blown off prank has gone viral on the internet with 60 million views.

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