‘Nainitaal’ Breaks The Stereotype Associated With Nepali Folk Music

nainitaal nepali folk music

We Nepalese are drawn towards western culture, trends, and dress sense with immense passion. With the ever-popular indie pop, electro, alternative rock, and other genres; our very own Nepalese folk music is being extremely overshadowed.

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Modern-day Nepalese are reverting from following folk music and those people who follow folk music are categorized as unsophisticated. However, this song ‘Nainitaal’ by ‘Abhaya and the Steam Injuns’ is here to break the stereotype. It is a song in a classical Nepalese folk styled with an exquisite fusion of peppy western music with the robust and alluring voice of the lead singer.

‘Nainitaal’ is not actually one song or a completely new song, instead, it is a mash-up of authentic and old Nepalese folk song of ‘Lahure,’ some even dating back to the 1940s era. It is a very substantial effort from the team to raise the appeal of folk music among the youth.

Nainitaal, Nainitaal.