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Nostradamus Predicted Events Of 9/11, Here Are His Other Predictions

Michel de Nostredame popularly known as Nostradamus was a French physician and astrologer who lived in the 16th century (14 or 21 December 1503 – 2 July 1566). In his lifetime, he published several great collections that are still relevant. Furthermore, his predictions for the world’s future proved to be correct in the centuries that followed.

Interestingly, some major events of the world that happened in the past as the French Revolution, the Rise of Adolf Hitler, the 9/11 Attacks, Donald Trump is the American President were all predicted by him. He had even predicted his own death.

But that were not the last predictions he did. He had predicted a lot more about the world that we are yet to see. Not going much ahead, we’ll tell you about what he predicted about the future.

1. World War III

Nostradamus predicted in a quatrain that the big war will start during these years and it would start from the terrorist attacks that happened in France and the invasion of the Arabs and Muslims.

Sadly, World War III was predicted by another mystic Baba Vanga too and she also gave similar hints about it.

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2. Bigger Natural Disasters: Unusual Earthquakes and Floods

There will be more and bigger natural disasters in 2018. There will be strong earthquakes which will shake many areas of the earth. China will be badly affected by the earthquakes it will cause a large number of deaths.

In the winter of 2018, “the belt of fire of the Pacific” will record unusual activity. It will cause several earthquakes and the eruption of three volcanoes.

The floods all around the world will beat all the records. There will be typhoons in China, Japan, and even Australia. Russia will be affected by extreme weather and there will be many floods.

3. The collapse of the Global Economy

There will be a collapse of the Global Economy in 2018 as a result of global warfare and recurring natural disasters.

4. Humans will speak to Animals

As per Nostradamus, Humans will be able to communicate with Animals by 2018. The genetic mutation will enable humans to communicate verbally with their animal companions. Pigs will become friends of humans.

5. The standard age of Humans will increase

The standard age of Humans will double up to become 200 from 100 thanks to the great advancements in medical science. An 80-year-old man will look like 50.

This prediction is actually materializing with many people being able to control aging with diet, cosmetics, and plastic surgery. The number of 100-year old males and females has also been surprising in recent years.

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Nostradamus Predicted Events Of 9/11, Here Are His Other Predictions

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